Roadnoise v1.2


Added roadnoise, some wind and cabin vibrations sounds at speed above
50kmh to add a sense of speed, more realistic. Faster you drive,
louder the sounds are.

*i edited the files to make it work with 1.4.x*

Pe11e and (Uxot for edit)


17 thoughts on “Roadnoise v1.2

  1. ### finally!!! One of best mods out there 🙂 is there a version with louder engines like in 1.0??

    1. Did you try the mod “Interior Sound Increase” ? not supposed to conflict with road noise..

  2. please how i install this mod? thanks.

  3. please how can i install this mod? thanks.

    1. streetriot

      you have to put it in your mods folder then when you start the game hit edit to edit you profile,your mods should be on the right hand side,enable it apply and your are set

      1. but thi is ogg and sii file. ??? scs file i know, but this?

        1. Don’t unzip it. The download is an scs file. Just put it in your mod directory as it is.

          1. MatheusCLG

            how to unzip scs files?

          2. ok. tnx. 🙂

  4. Would this work with an engine sound mod or would the two conflict?

    1. I am not sure but im using a mod to make volvo engine louder and it doesn’t conflict

  5. roadrunner

    very nice mod thank you

  6. really good idea, i try it, but I have problem with some noise or crackle when the speed is lower then 50 km, please repair it. After it will be perfect

    1. Well idk why but its supposed to start at 40 km/h and goes louder until 70/80 km/h (tho at 40 its no really loud)

  7. Doesn’t work in Renault Premium with retarder gearbox for me (maybe without R too) – can anyone check it?

    1. It use a different wind sound and i think i lowered it too much… you can open the file “def\vehicle\truck\renault.premium\sound\interior.sii” do ctrl+f and type “wind” just some lines under you can find volume try putting it higher (default is 1.0)

  8. Marcelo Sanchez

    The version “mod by Pe11e v1.1.scs roadnoise” works perfect in 1.4.x deactivating rumble sound (s_rumble_enabled 0).
    The version “Roadnoise_mod_by_Pe11e_v1.2_.scs” not working.
    I tried turning on and off rumble sound, no results.
    Not working in 1.4.8!

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