RoadUnlimited v0.2 ALPHA

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Standalone map! when creating new profiles select Roadunlimited mbd.


1.26 Need all MAP dlc’s!!!!

want to play this mod with other mods? you have to convert it into a addon map in the editor.

Any Bug reports are welcome this is a ALPHA version
New Features:
-City Bahlen
-Fixed invisible wall
-Fixed grass on the road
-Fixed some less important bugs

Searching for moddlers and mappers!!!

Humbby, AlexanderBos


11 thoughts on “RoadUnlimited v0.2 ALPHA

  1. С Скандинавией и Францией совместим? Играю на стандартной карте, нет дополнительных модов на карты. А как я посмотрел этот город находится в Германии.

    1. Google translate: You need scandinavia france and east dlc to make this map work. this is a standalone map so only these cities are included and these cities are not in germany in real life

      1. Посмотри на реальную карту где находится этот город и поймешь почему про Германию заговорил.

  2. its a very nice map i like it , but i can buy no truck by truck dealer and the road to ikea is not good yet the road is higher than the grass so when i go of the road whit my trailer then i stuck

    1. Getting fixed in next version! sorry for this problem :/

    2. but does the scania truck dealer not work?

      1. No the dealer does not work i see no truck i can place a picture here so you can seee it

  3. sorry i can place no picture here

    1. Fixed

  4. Thnxs i wait for the new download you did a great job nice map

  5. Humbby, excellent map, many thanks for work.

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