Roextended Map v 1.6 All Versions

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Log 1.6
NOW YKS compatible!!
-standard version and Promods 2.27 version
-added Plovdiv and Stara Zagora in Bulgaria
-removed low-res mountains
-new signs, romanian-like look, for romanian territory (all cities, all roads)
-fixed minor problems and wrong placements
-complete road from Sofia to Burgas
-new road link Miercurea Ciuc-Bacau-Vaslui
-compatible with YKS, SR, RM, RK, PM and other maps, road/ferry connection provided.
-other landmarks added in the whole map.

No new profile needed, finish your delivery.

Respect the loading order from video
First load can be long, after that it load in just few seconds (see this in the video)

No compatibility with Eastern Express or Project Balkan.

-Todor Alin for materials and support
-Jazzycat for some romanian car models
-FLD for map materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.
-Elyxir for his materials from older Romania map
-Satan 19990 for some of materials
-Bluetruck for his Blue materials
-Stefan 1994

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28 thoughts on “Roextended Map v 1.6 All Versions

  1. Make sure you add FIX1 before REMap file and
    also to use (if you need) the Ferry connection with SR 7. 2 V2. The ferry from v.1.5 it’s outdated. Also using the SR-Promods ferry connection with Roextended, it’s not gonna work.
    All files are on official site.

  2. Compatible with MHA map??

  3. Can i play without italy dlc?

  4. Gosho ot pochivka

    can i play wothout italy dlc?

    1. Your load order it’s wrong. There is no such things in the map. Respect the loading order i described, not what you see on forums.

  5. Bad Captcha Link!

  6. Primul link nu functioneaza. (File 1). Ma duce pe o pagina in care imi cere “click here to continue”, iar pe urma imi apare “The CAPTCHA was incorrect. Try again”.

  7. Download “FILE BY FILE” options. No multizip, no CAPTCHA. Direct link.
    ALL DLC NEEDED, otherwise you will get crash.

    1. Thanks.

  8. Will be added a compatibility with Project Balkans map?

    1. No, impossible.

  9. With respect to the previous version (1.5), this new has 6 files (the previous one was 4). In addition, one of the files has 1.83 Gb. This new version occupies a lot more space. However, only two new cities appear. Why is this difference so great between the two versions?
    I do not know if if installing this new version, I fear a drop in fps.
    Can affect the increase in the files in the fluency of the game?

  10. He does not want to go along with the YKS. Where is my mistake?

  11. I’m sorry, but I’m not talking about mistakes. I just want to know why this version has the files much larger than the previous one, and if that can affect the performance of the game.

  12. 1.6 adds two masive model packs, updated to 1.31 by me and barely used in this version (10%). But materials are gonna be used at larger scale in future versions. “TWO CITIES” are just a bonus and a way to connect YKS. All the romanian signs are changed (hundreds of it), new visual landmarks added, two new roads and all that it is in the new version. I don’t release a version for two cities.
    No performance it’s affected, on the contrary, 1.5 has only big cities optimized, this one ALL (61 cities, not a walk in the park).
    You can recompress all the files and have a 600 mb map. I don’t recomend that, and recompressing REPrefab it’s gonna kill the custom audio for the map.

    1. Ok. Thank you for answering. I will prove it, to see that such

  13. Hello,

    Everything seems to work fine except one issue:
    On many turkish gas stations the Price sign is missing and “replaced” by the “Texture Not Found” sign. The console says that this is a “missing look” The seccond issue is that the turkish flags are “replaced” with the Austrian flag.- Is this an issue with RoEx or YKS? Or how can i solve it?

  14. BTW: I don’t use ProMods.- Just YKS, RoEx, RK, SR and RusMap!

    1. On Roextended site in download area it’s writen as “known Issues” of YKS in combination with other maps. All the maps have a “flag country” file with same “looks name” of the flags, exactly to avoid this kind of conflict. YKS has gas signs and flags with custom names and this is why it gets overwriten by the other maps. This is why things looks ok playing ONLY YKS. I will try to make a fix for this, but to be clear, this it’s gonna be a fix for YKS, it’s not Roextended fault. You will get the same problems playing YKS with any other map.

      1. Thank you!
        I wrote to them guys at YKS – they say it’s not their fault either.
        But yeah, there somewhere a conflict. But if its only them signs and flag and anything else works, it’s cool by me. I hope it’s possible to fix it somehow. I will wait. Again: Thank you!

        1. Turko, YKS did nothing wrong. But they didnt think their map as an add-on, to play this with other maps. They used edited vanilla game files, not changing the name of it, or the path. So, this is why we got conflicts using YKS in a combo. It will be cool if they decide to remake Turkey map at normal scale, but i dont think they will do it.

  15. Bonjour.+je+vein+de+faire+un+don+pour+Roextended+Map+v+1.6.5+premium+et+je+n’est+ressue+aucun+lien+pour+la+carte+Roextended+Map+v+1.6.5+premium.+merci

    1. you can send a mail to [email protected] in any problem regarding the map. You will get an answer in maximum 24h.

  16. You have on roextended site a SUPPORT page with all you need, even ways of getting in contact with us.

  17. Bonjour,

    Belle carte, du plaisir à la parcourir, les villes sont bien représentées avec de jolis monuments et paysages.
    Fonctionne très bien.
    Bravo à vous, c’est du grand travail.


    Patrick (France°

  18. Hmpfh Petrosani la fel, nu e nimica schimbat, tot atatea cladiri, te rog sa lucrezi mai mult la petrosani, toate orasele sunt destul de mari si petrosani saraca e doar cu 3 firme si un garaj.

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