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LOG 1.8
general log:
-New cities: Tiraspol (Rep.Moldova), Odesa (Ukraine), Kraljevo(Serbia), Mitrovica, Urosevac, Pristina (Kosovo), Skopje (Macedonia)
-ferry connection from Odesa
-new company for Chisinau (out of the city), new road connections to Kragujevac, Nis, Sofia.
-bad road textures in some places (warning – you can be thrown of the road at high speed!)
-more than 1000km in road connections between Chisinau, Odesa, Tiraspol and Galati.
-new border points between Romania, Rep.Moldova and Ukraine.
-new overlays (signs on the roads in map view), new traffic signs.

premium add-on log:
-new cities in Ukraine: Mykolaiv, Voznesens’k, Pervomais’k, Uman’, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi
-new connections with east side of the main map to Chisinau, Suceava, Botosani, Balti.
-new border points between Romania, Rep.Moldova and Ukraine.
All connections needed are on the site, refresh your page!



24 Responses to Roextended Map v 1.8 All versions

  1. Luki35 says:

    Mam pytanko dlaczego jest w wersji premium wiecej miast ukrainy nie dalo by tego zrobic normalnie

    • Arayas says:

      Because people supporting our work deserve a little extra. You will have the same cities in 1.9 free version.

  2. Florin says:

    I can’t believe it. You keep doing mistake after mistake and you refuse to correct yourself.

    1. In the DEF archive put ONLY def files, not automat (.mat), not sound files or fonts. The .mat and sound files are related with the prefabs, the fonts are related with the models, not with the def files. Remember that! As a side note I’ve noticed “def” files in the other archives, that should not have the def files in it. A complete nonsense.

    2. Why did you put in your archive ATS files when the map is for ETS2?! We’re not going to the USA, you know?! 🙂

    3. STOP putting “manele” into the game. You are embarrassing us!

    • Arayas says:

      You are talking like a noobie and you have no clue about ETS2 files. See what i built in 8 months and tell me what you did. Please let us know what your work is to be amazed by it. Why i’ve imported some ATS materials? Because i can. A house it’s a house anywhere. The “manele” are a ugly truth about our country and the people in it. As you demonstrate here, romanians are the worst enemies of other romanians so we deserve shitty country we live in. Good bye, go teach others, you have nothing for me.

      • Florin says:

        Because you can?! Really? So, from 1.6, that had around 480 MB, now you’re raising the limit to 4GB of files (after extracting it). Well done, what can I say. : )) Instead of being arrogant, try to learn from my feedback and improve yourself. As for my knowledge of ETS2 patching, I’m working for them since the game has launched, just that I’m not publishing my work around.


        • Arayas says:

          Yeah, right, where is the guru when you need one. ” I make great things but i am not showing to anyone!” Where? In the toilet? Let me say to you again, in 10 lifes you not gonna find something to teach me. Have fun playing my map.

  3. KYTA3 says:

    Work with promods?

    • Arayas says:

      I f Roextended it’s launched in two versions: Standard and Promods, what do you think? (yes)

  4. Alex says:

    Arayas We Brazilians are your fan. Your work is great. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Bekema says:

    perfecte map zeer mooi Arayas

  6. Max74 says:

    Excellent map I follow it from version 1.7
    keep it up it’s always better!

  7. Dave Cade says:

    Thank you for a great map Arayas. The video was very helpful, in particular the Promods road connection tip.

  8. bogdac says:

    Thank you Arayas. Great map and a really helpful video.

  9. Mistraou says:

    Great work. Detailed explanations help us a lot. Thanks Arayas!

  10. Arayas says:

    Thank you all. So, my english was not so bad afterall….

  11. darex2521 says:

    Witam wszystkich . Jaka to wersja 1.31 czy 1.32 ?.Prosze o odpowiedż

    • Arayas says:

      Roextended works in 1.32 (Promods version works but Promods map it’s not updated to 1.32)

  12. Max 59 says:

    Superb job!

  13. Bill says:

    Like this map but when I download from site (compatible download for 1.32) and install, the mod manager only show 4 files. The missing file is model 2. The file is showing in the ETS mod folder? I try to download and install again but same problem. If I buy the premium files will they work in 1.32? I have pro mods 2.30 but have taken the files out of the mod manager because they are not caompatible with 1.32 I believe.

    • Arayas says:

      All 5 links are ok, and the other downloads are working fine, trust me, in two weeks were tones of reports if there was a problem. For some reason you downloaded a file twice and forgot the one of the rest? If still have problems please mail to [email protected]

  14. Eron says:

    Hi i am from Kosovo i have been waiting for someone to make Kosovo map too. I appreciate it so much. Thank you!

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