Rolled Hay Trailer


– 2 rows of rolled hay
– 3 rows of rolled hay

You can’t use both at same time

Author: Nikola Kostovski


38 thoughts on “Rolled Hay Trailer

  1. wow very good idea !!! thanks nicola

  2. Replace?

      1. I would have liked it to be added

      2. Thanks!

  3. She replaces what trailer?

  4. Could you make one with hay bales?

      1. please make it standalone, both trailers

      2. Yes! btw your mods are awesome! =)

    1. Yep! =)

  5. That’s not hay, that’s straw. Hay is dried grass and silage is fresh grass.

    1. hahaha you played ls2013 way to much 😀

    2. Don’t forget haylage. more moisture than hay but less than silage.

  6. Nice Job Nikola +1

  7. George Smith

    Nikola, I think you have made the flatbed trailer with train cargo a long time ago. Have you released it before???

  8. Way to go, Nick! Excellent job! Jazzy and you’re number one! Success!

  9. Nick, tell me, please, this mod will hinder to \trailers and cargo pack by Jazzycat\?

    1. mercure007

      It’s a good idea. Put this mod in the jazzicat mod pack cargo and trailer! Sorry for my awful language^^.

      1. mercure007

        or replace autonome.^^

    2. yes you can adapt this two trailers in traffic_storage …

  10. nice but better if you could make all these trialers as stand alone please 😉

      1. Thanks a lot Nikola 😉

  11. joli travail bravo

  12. apferreira truckman

    Nikola, no repalce, standalone, please …

      1. apferreira truckman

        thx !

  13. apferreira truckman

    replace …

  14. very nice! but would you like to drive like this in the rain? maybe it gets wet 😛

  15. And how to add to the traffic?

    1. just add cargo.tubes in traffic_storage

      1. and how to do it?

  16. Hey Nikola,
    awesome mods! Can you please change some things at the coolliner? I’d like to have it with two axles and some lightening. I would be so happy if you would do that.

  17. Grat idea! Thank you!

  18. Rolled Hay Trailer Video

  19. installé je n ai pas encore eu l occassion de voir le skin , version 1.9. 22

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