Roman Diesel 1.34 Fix

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Improved Roman Diesel 1.34 Fix

You can buy this vehicle from Man dealers.

Place above the original mod in mod manager.

Credits: Catalin , Madster and Scs.

Compatible for: 1.33.x – 1.34.x

Catalin , Madster and Scs.


4 thoughts on “Roman Diesel 1.34 Fix

  1. You don’t need packing all files. You should pack files you changed only.
    In point of fact, it’s re-uploaded mod.

    1. Not reloaded if it was reloaded did not go to version 1.34

      1. Did you edited only definition files about truck dealer?
        Well, you should release truck dealer definition files only.
        Don’t you need release all mod files?

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