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Roman Diesel v0.1 – First Romanian truck in ETS 2!!!
Roman Diesel (also known as Raba) is a romanian old-school truck.
This is my first truck that i made for this game and don’t expect to be perfect.
What does the truck have at the moment?
-Its original engine with 200hp
-Its original 6 speed transmission
-1 dirty skin
-You can customize it
-It has a MAN F90 interior but i’m working to make its own interior.
This the first version, i will continue to work on it.
You can support me by donating through PayPal at adress : [email protected]
Works on 1.25 and you can find it in MAN truck dealer.
EN: With this truck has been built Romania!
RO: Pe spatele acestui camion s-a construit Romania!
I wish you good luck and have fun with this truck and if you have any suggestions or questions you can wirte in comments.
Regards, Traian.



13 thoughts on “Roman Diesel v0.1 by Traian

  1. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. wesleytam078

    its fully a man f90 only the logo is gone

    1. Not only that this is a MAN F-90 it’s a complete copy of the MAN F-90 mod that was made by these authors: Voditel102rus, Kirill Mladshev, stass556, Madster, by_Lexa, Vlad5236. Truckercharly
      I don’t know if Mr. Traian got a permission from those modders but it’s a fully reuploaded mod without the MAN badges.

  3. Adriandelahunedoara

    Nice! We’ve been waiting for this truck for a very long time… It’ll be awesome when it’s finished! 😀

  4. Roman and Raba are two completely different brands. Roman is Romanian and Raba is Hungarian. I’ve seen Raba trucks with F90 cabin, but never seen those cabins in Roman trucks. Roman Diesel should have old Man/Saviem cabin. For now it is only Man F90 without badges.

    This is the Roman truck …no this copy of MAN f90..headless child who copies others’ projects and give them names … has no connection this upload …pffff

  6. sorry to say it but this isn’t Roman, it;s just a copy of Man F90 as others warned before me. if you truly want a Roman truck then make a Saviem cabin with/without sleeper

  7. Well Mr.Traian u forgot to put some people in ur credits but i gues they did not make the actual mod but u did.
    Voditel102rus, Kirill Mladshev, stass556, Madster, by_Lexa, Vlad5236. Truckercharly

  8. Super mod dar cam slab camionul la putere cu 26 de tone nu pot urca …..

    1. Joe the gamer

      Camioanele romanesti nu-s foarte puternice! xD

      1. Corect dar macar la drumurile originale din ets sa nu intimpine dificultati

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