Romania Addon for Europe Extended

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This is Romania Expansion with 12 romanian cities for Europe Extended Map.
We have Oradea, Cluj, Bacau, Focsani, Arad, Timisoara, Dr. Tr. Severin, Craiova, Targu-Jiu, Rm. Valcea, Bucuresti and Constanta, all eligible for game starting city.
There are 3 road connections with Hungary, 2 with Ukraine, one with Moldavia, 3 with Bulgaria, 2 with Serbia and a ferry connection from Constanta to Odessa.
This will connect Balkan Peninsula to Europe in a natural way.
Installation details in Readme file.
Details about this on my Workspace
This will be updated in the future.



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15 thoughts on “Romania Addon for Europe Extended

  1. Compatible with promods?

  2. basic file defect !!

  3. It+looks+great…..we+need+new+profile?

  4. Francesco

    hi sorry i can not find the EEE 1.1 map or the EEE 1.0 map

  5. This is for Europe Extended ONLY. Not vanilla, not Promods or else.
    The full map it’s on my workspace, link above.

  6. scaniatrucker73

    Can you please give a more detailed explanation about the load order in mod manager?
    When I unzip the files are not numbered 1 to 8.

    1. Yes, but when you see them in MOD MANAGER in the game they are from 1 to 8. Put all 8 SCS files in MOD folder, open the game->new profile->mod manager and double click from 1-8. Done.
      This for the whole map, not for this update here.

      1. scaniatrucker73

        Ok thanks 🙂

  7. This file here it’s for people who have already Europe Extended installed, it’s not the whole map.

  8. I just discover your map, looks bright! Thanks a lot.

    Your blog :
    Why .fr?

    1. Last two letters are asigned by Google based on the country of the visitor, not the owner. Thanks, enjoy the map, I have play it for more than 3 months and have only 6% of the territory discovered. Alot of fun left for future months 🙂

  9. Thanks Arayas for your answer. I have three points :

    – Very nice map, I enjoy it.
    – On the Highway to Olbia the trafic signs are exactly the same as in Denmark.
    – Your map is not compatible with special transport (mario map is compatible)

    But your map is really interesting.

    1. Special transport is working fine. That was the reason i droped Promods. In the game editor are just few sets of signs, so when you build a map in the end you have to use one of them. The map is huge so duplicates are expected.

  10. I went to Nantes and Köln : I could not get any offer for dpecial transport… I will check again.

  11. Arayas wat bedoel je met 1/2 uur caahen ,ben al 1 uur bezig maar chrast nog steeds

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