Romania Extended v 1.0 [1.30.XX]

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This is a complete map of Romania with 42 cities, all the main cities from every county.

All the cities are fully operational with companies and garages to start the game in.
All cities are are brand new, no copy/paste was used (what’s the point?). Some are big, some not.

The map was tested alone
or with TSM and RusMap together and it’s working fine. NO additional file needed.
The Southern Region works also probably. For SR you can use also the Constanta-Ferry package for Promods, i have a ferry active in Constanta too.
Not Promods compatible.
The load order it’s in the downloaded package.
And also keep in mind this has less than 170MB!

Special thanks to Todor Alin for materials and support.
Special thanks to FLD for his excelent models and prefabs.
The future versions will contain an expansion towards Bulgaria and Serbia.
LOG 1.0
-fixed zoom for map view, no more shifting. If you have my mod SuperZoom, it’s not needed anymore, it’s in the map files.
-reworked Oradea entrance intersection, the GPS will use this route.
-added tunnel lights to highway tunnel near Sibiu
-all the missplacements reported are fixed.

LOG 0.9 BETA + 0.9a BETA
-removed the gate from Brasov-Tradeaux, a prefab bug; and from Baia Mare, this old prefabs are a pain in the…
-corected the romanian police spawn ratio (again, thanks to Alin)
-corrected the font files for cars and police cars licence plates (also Alin’s hand) 😀

All DLC map needed! WHY?!?!
For this reason:
Every DLC has new prefabs and materials in it: buildings, roads, vegetation….When you build a map you look to create diversity and for that you need options to choose.
You don’t want a city with a sigle type of apartments building or all the cities to look the same.
This is why we need DLC’s, for new materials they bring. And to play a map with those materials you need that DLC too.

Forum SCS here
My workspace here
Preserve the creator link.



34 thoughts on “Romania Extended v 1.0 [1.30.XX]

  1. Archive is broken

    1. No it’s not. Dont spread false information if you dont know how to download things.

  2. Very nice map! Thanks for your work!

  3. Thank for work! Great Map!

  4. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  5. Every cargo validity no more than 4 minute?!

    1. This is not my map doing this. You have an economy mod maybe?

  6. It’s need new profile or not?

    1. No new profile.

  7. Thank you for a great map! Very beautiful and interesting.

  8. Good job man! Congratulations!
    Nick from RomaniaElit

    1. MUltumesc, Nick.

  9. Please use this REdef file as a fix for police cars appearing everywhere in Europe. The files are provided by Alin i didnt assume i have to fix it. Link:

  10. Crash,i put the file exactli on the picture,i don t have any mod,but game crash when is loaded…

    1. You dont have all DLC.

  11. I cant wait to see Suceava, Im downloading it right. Also are you not considering working with Promods? If not Im just gonna download TSM 😀

    1. To work with somebody you got to be invited to do so. I am doing my thing and make this compatibile with all maps except Promods. TSM it’s a good option and i’m gonna fill the gap between Romania and Greece. I have doned a Promods Version but i dont want to make it public.

  12. Nice work! Thanks…..i am waiting Arayas for new version! BRAVO!

  13. Driving_SG

    Thanks for this great map! I tested combo: TSM + RM + ROS + GS + PJ Indo + Romania Extended v1.0. Watch the video…

  14. Please reduce traffic jam

  15. Mr.Dorian

    Deci e nevoie de toate dlc-urile?

    1. DLC -urile cu harti, nu ma refer la paint pack sau ceva asemenea.

  16. NO Running mit Rus map, Eldorado Map und Romania Extended Map Game Crash 🙁

    1. With RusMap + TSm i am playing right now. I dont know about Eldorado.

  17. Romania + TSM + Rusmap + Russian Open Spaces
    Very good work but the far East of the world map does not appear. I have tested many possibilities without success.

    1. Put ROS above my map. They need an extra-extra zoom for that map and i think they have that included in their package.

  18. Mie+nu+imi+merge+cand+intru+in+el+de+la+profil+sta+se+incarca+si+dupa+imi+da+crash

  19. Thank you Arayas. I solved the problem replacing ROS 5.5 with ROS 5.2 and using the MapZoom_TSM placed below Russian Open Spaces Map.
    Your map is top, please go on with it (when you have time of course).

    1. Happy to see problem solved. Sunday i will release 1.1 version with 3 bulgarian towns and some fixes, including Oradea – Hungary connection fix.

  20. can’t wait to see it…

  21. nu+merge+cacate+in+ia

  22. SortingHat

    You said all DLC. Does that include Italy or did Italy come after this map was done?

  23. Salut link-ul nu este valabil. Il poti pune din nou?

  24. Download link doesn’t work!!

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