Romania Map by AnduTeam (0.3.1a) for 1.19.x

Romania Map

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Romania Map by AnduTeam(0.3.1a) for 1.19.x

=== Romania Map by AnduTeam ===

Version: 0.3.1a (Alpha)

Requirements: 1.19 version of game and DLC Going East .

Credits: AnduTeam , Tz express(FLD for prefab models) , Frank007(Several Models)

===Information about map===

The map is in alpha stage and come updates with new roads and new cities.

===Modification in 0.4a===

-Many bugs resolved
-Compatibility with 1.19

===Know Bugs in 0.4a===

-Lack of terrain and lack details in some areas
-The problem with starting the game in Oradea

=== Contact ===

Facebook :

Enjoy and share this mod !

Authors: AnduTeam, Tz express(FLD for prefab models), Frank007(Several Models), BlueTruck(Several Models)

DOWNLOAD 200 MB [Part 1]
DOWNLOAD 200 MB [Part 2]
DOWNLOAD 167 MB [Part 3]

20 Responses to Romania Map by AnduTeam (0.3.1a) for 1.19.x

  1. Sogard3 says:

    “Hot-fix” solve the problem by starting a new game and disappearance roads.

    Download link :

  2. super says:

    please a video with waht’s new in this map?

  3. pampalini says:

    TSM-away crashes, do not need

  4. JoachimK says:

    Game-Crash with:
    – 1.19.1
    – TSM 6
    – RusMap 1.5
    – DLC North
    – DLC East
    – EU Map LT_LV
    – EU-Map Baltic Countrys

    Also crashed with the Hotfix…

  5. Borzas71 says:

    Not good for the hotfix

  6. BanditGamingHD says:

    video 1080p 60fps

  7. Alex says:

    The archives are damaged.

  8. duffau nicolas says:

    bonjour le daf qui ya dans la video est ce que il est privé ou public

  9. George says:

    Bravo Andule,e chiar mai bine decat harta Ungariei,sincer,spor la treaba si sa vedem cat mai mult din Romania,cat mai multe orase!!!!

  10. laur says:

    Merge cu TSM 6 ? Sau da crash… 🙂 ?

  11. paulo says:

    congratulations on the map, but could be a complement to other maps ( TSM , MARIO MAP , PROMODS , ETC ….) would be very good would ever better the game , I would have your map in my game, but it would have to be compatible and complement to Mario map , for use 9 maps in my game, all compatible and complementary if it is possible for a next update makes it compatible . thank you

  12. Dani says:

    Trebuie bagata in ducumente ETS, mod ?

  13. Andreas says:

    Eu nu pot dezarchiva nu imi desarchiveaza decat 3 si sunt 2 care nu mi le dezarchiveaza stiti cumva dc ?

  14. Darius says:

    Am reusit sa introduc mod-ul in joc,dar cand sa ajung la romania,cad de pe mapa,poate sa ma ajute cineva? 🙂

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