Romanian Map AnduTeam v1.3 for 1.26.x


=== Romania Map by Andu Team ===
Version: 1.3a (Alpha)
Requirements: 1.26 version of game .
Credits: AnduTeam , Tz express(FLD for prefab models) , Frank007(Several Models)
===Information about map===
The map is standalone to work you must make a new save.
The map is in alpha stage and come updates with new roads and new cities.

AnduTeam , Tz express(FLD for prefab models) , Frank007


10 Responses to Romanian Map AnduTeam v1.3 for 1.26.x

  1. DOREL says:


  2. DANIEL says:

    Și mie mi-a dat crash!!

  3. Gerard says:

    Crash here also

  4. SlavikSD says:

    That is a a fake!

  5. cosmin says:

    nu mergeee, crash

  6. Cade says:

    Unfortunate development for this map has stoped 🙁

  7. banutzu21 says:

    Daca da crash inseamna ca nu e harta pe versiunea 1.26 sau nu aveti voi jocul pe 1.26.

  8. leocoll says:

    Sincer mi-asi fi dorit sa continui cu harta si asi fi platit pe ultima parte dine ea 🙁

  9. Gabitzu200 says:

    Bag pla in modu’ asta ca nu merge.Prima data dadea CRASH,iar acum spune ca LINKUL ACCESAT NU ESTE DISPONIBIL.MULTUMIM PENTRU CA SUNTETI NISTE …….

  10. RoninAriciul says:

    cind aparepentru 1.27 macar asta

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