Romanian Map v 2.0 review


New update 2.0 coming soon.

What’s new in this Update?
-* new roads
-* new improvements to traffic
-* new firms
-* bug fix

Author: elyxir

8 thoughts on “Romanian Map v 2.0 review

  1. Hi, it´s necessary to start a new game ?

    1. Nope.

  2. Clearly romanians cant drive because how else do u explayn all the crashed trucks on the maps 😀

    1. it’s the turkish drivers who crash all the time in Romania 🙂

      1. Posmagiu Nicoale

        yeah… i’m romanian… the germans, the russians and the turkish drivers is causing the crushes every week =)) 😀

  3. A High Hamster

    hope this will work with the Real Environment Dimension mod

  4. How to work dis mode? what need to do? only copy in mode folder?

  5. Where To Download

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