Romanian Map v 8.1


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Version 8.1:
* Changes are made to some models to improve performance.
* These moficari are found in almost all ways.
* When winter mode is increased during (the window delivery) of goods.
* Map corrections are made.
* Mod is improved
* Corrections to how autumn textures and mapping.
* New vehicles in traffic You (tandem) with speed correction mode winter.

Authors: Elyxir, Alin2008Todor


25 Responses to Romanian Map v 8.1

  1. Blaziken777Sverige says:

    4.6 GB?! WTF O-O

  2. Alin says:

    Salut! Mai sunt multe girofare si lumini puternice in joc? Tot respectul pentru munca depusa .

    • Alin2008Todor says:

      Este redus numarul lor. Atentie, sunt adaugate experimental sunete la politie si pompieri (asa cum permite jocul). Nu e perfect (nu variaza intensitatea cu distanta), asa ca, daca deranjeaza, foloseste si nospecialsound.scs pentru a le dezactiva…

  3. DigitalX says:

    Well, only one to find out how good it is. Won’t take me long. Assuming this needs to be loaded on a seperate profile as it’s stand alone I guess?

    • DigitalX says:

      Right, made a fresh profile, activated only the Harta Romaniei, and Autumn weather that was included, nothing else. Crashed upon load. There is no readme so I an completely baffled how one is meant to install this.

  4. Mark says:

    00:01:30.657 : Game has been auto-saved.
    00:03:58.194 : [gl] unable to map attribute (v.tex_coord_1)
    00:03:58.194 : [gfx] Failed to create pipeline setup for (/vehicle/ai/volga_taxi/materials/vlg_wnd_trm.mat – defpost)
    00:03:58.194 : [gl] unable to map attribute (v.tex_coord_1)

  5. Floxer says:

    friend where the file is put garage_sound.sii

    • Alin2008Todor says:

      This file is provided for who wants to change the garage ambiental sound (music). Must be in <> folder.

  6. Alin2008Todor says:

    if you haved read the map description….
    Both Romanian map and Europe required included trailer pack.
    And , when starting a new game, at game mod, must select romania.mdb to have game.


    4.6 GB ? wooohooo

  8. Sandje says:

    i made a new profile….choose 3 files (no weather or traffic etc)….i can choose a place to start and then when its loading it crashes…help pls đŸ™‚ ty

    • Alin2008Todor says:

      If you want help, post a link with the game.log.txt file, and i search for the issue(s).

  9. Steve says:

    Hey there I have Kenworth and Peterbilt Truck mods and also a few Freightliners plus my own Amercain Trailer Cargo packs will these mods work on this map as im currently using TSM 6.2 on version 1.22.6 and I have no problems

  10. sunnyboy2100 says:

    How does the map?

  11. Jindodog says:

    tihs mod need DLC?

  12. bodyshiatat123 says:

    Salut ,am descarcat si eu acest mod …dar merge unpic si imi da’ eroarea ”has stopped working” ,ce sa-i fac sa mearga ? Jocul l-am cumparat dupa steam (deci este original) …. Ajutati-ma va rog

  13. trynnn says:

    What are they using 4,6 gigs for?

    Really too large, to spend a week downloading….

  14. Cloud says:

    4,6 gb?? Torrent Please

  15. Iulyca1972 says:

    Nu merge pe TSM 6.2. Da eroare. Pacat.

  16. jabu says:

    like really WTO 4.6GB is to much why not compress it wit winrar

  17. imnotarobot says:

    Way big in size and standalone.Zero fun
    Please try make it as addon
    ETS2 needs a decent romania map addon for v 1.22 which works with TSM and rusmap
    Keep that in mind…

  18. Charlouis says:

    Loading Crash! Please, fix it quickly, my friend! I hope you do it. Thanks.

  19. Alin says:

    buna ziua am o mica problema cu harta deci o downlodez o instalez si o introduc la moduri dupacea cand dau sa intru in joc nu ma lasa ce as putea sa fac ????

  20. alaskabaer01 says:

    Game Crashed with the Map.. I hope the Map has only a little Problem..

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