Rossi yamaha 2015 for RJL T-cab


Skin for the RJL T-cab….
Yamaha 2015 of Valentino rossi

hope you like it
(and NO i will not do one of Lorenzo!)

RJL,Valentino rossi and me


3 Responses to Rossi yamaha 2015 for RJL T-cab

  1. BenzoYDK says:

    who even uses such ugly skins ewwwwwwww

  2. crazy_casey says:

    i use it someone asked me to make this…so if you don’t like it?… don’t download…or look…or comment….
    (btw… dog’s name is benson…)

    • Rizki says:

      does i need t-cab mood too?
      because i can’t find t-cab in any truck dealer 🙁

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