Route Advisor Mod Collection v 4.8 [ETS2 & ATS V1.32]

Update the original mod from Hemil.
Adapted for ETS2 and ATS 1.32
No more changes were made

On versions below 1.32, when you click on F7 the game will crash

For versions below 1.32:

Edit: wik412

All thanks to Hemil, for the great work

Hemil, wik412


21 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v 4.8 [ETS2 & ATS V1.32]

  1. FAKE
    Files from 2016 until 2017
    Upload by: “Visitor”

    1. You can find the Original updated Version here:

      h t t p s://

      Do not support Mod-Thieves !

      1. papaghostPT

        thanks JoachimK always watchful lets report this thiefs

  2. Thanks to Joachim for the correct link!
    The description is very similar to mine, but the link is not mine.

    1. Thank you, wik412.
      I have always a Look to the Original Links, because there are too much Thieves.
      I give to all Users the Device, to look first in the SCS-Forum for legal Mods and Original Modders.
      There is too much Work for us, so everyboddy should respect it.

  3. René Sauer

    welche von den vielen scs dateien kommt in den mod ordner ?

    1. Only one that suits you.

    2. Sotka_GER

      Hier ein paar Tipps René:

      Hier mal paar Hinweise zu den Abkürzungen:
      ㆍ [Keep Aspect All Center(KAAC) Option]
      ㆍ [General Small Map(GSM), Ordinary Normal Map(ONM), Special Big Map(SBM) Option]
      ㆍ [Center Bottom, Center Top, Right Edge, Right Top Option]
      ㆍ [1 Line Text Bottom(1LTB), 1 Line Text Top(1LTT) Option]
      ㆍ [3 Line Text Bottom(3LTB), 3 Line Text Top(3LTT) Option]
      ㆍ [No Frame(NF), With Frame(WF) Option]
      ㆍ [Map Black Background(MBB), Map Clear Background(MCB) Option]
      ㆍ [Text Black Background(TBB), Text Clear Background(TCB) Option]
      ㆍ MBB & TBB(half transparency), Running Line Position(Center Middle)
      ㆍ Added [First F3 key(With Map), Second F3 key(No Map) Function]
      ㆍ F6 ∼ F8 Window [With Frame -> No Frame]

      Ich selbst benutze diese Version:

      Route Advisor_KAAC_ONM_Center Top_1LTT_NF_MCB_TCB_v4.7.scs

      Keep Aspect All Center – KAAC; Ordinary Normal Map – ONM; 1 Line Top Text – 1LTT; No Frame – NF; Map Clear Background – MCB; Text Clear Background – TCB

      Allerdings wie JoachimK schon schreibt, immer noch die Version 4.7 auus dem SCS-Forum. Geht im ATS wie im ETS2 und auch in der Beta. Viele Grüße!

  4. Зачем? Старые версии прекрасно работают!

    1. Worked up to version 1.32

  5. what is the password? I do not like mirrors, I want to remove them.

    1. To remove mirrors, the password is not needed

    2. Sotka_GER

      Press F2 and the mirrors will disappear, left, right -> all 😉

  6. Matieusiek

    Why are there so many files and how should I make it work?

  7. Matieusiek

    How should I activate it

    1. read the description and pick one for each profile and test-try until get what u like it

      I recommend that have SBM, 1LTT, Center top and you can choose what have frame (WF) or no (NF), etc, etc.

  8. Hallo wik412
    Ich werde deine Mod mal eine Zeit lang testen
    die erste vorab Version war ja nicht so doll
    ich hoffe da ist was für mich dabei
    MFG Zuputo

  9. Excellent Mod. I use only yours as it is perfect and offers so many configurations. Really top! Thanks a lot.

  10. So Wik412
    ich hab mir die mod mal angesehen ich kann mit der mod nix anfangen Karte zu klein Anzeige unten am Bild Rand und es sind viel zu viele man hat schon nach 4 stück keinen bock mehr noch weiter zu suchen Mach ne Umfrage welche der vielen dateien die Leute mögen daraus baue dann einen bebilderten Installer
    an sonsten ok aber mein Geschmack ist die nix

  11. Would it be possible to do it on the left side of the monitor, because with the 3 monitors setup on the left there is a lot of free space and the right screen will cover mirror… Thanks

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