Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.7 [ETS2 v1.27; ATS v1.6] NOW

Update the original mod from Hemil.
Adapted for ETS2 1.27 and ATS 1.6
Added “Speed warning”
Running line is fixed at the bottom of the screen
No more changes were made

Edit: wik412

All thanks to Hemil, for the great work

Hemil, wik412


6 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.7 [ETS2 v1.27; ATS v1.6] NOW

  1. Bonjour. comment fonctionne le fichier car quand je l’ouvre il y a plusieurs fichier. donc quelle est le bon. merci

    Hello. How the file works because when I open it there are several files. So what is the right one. thank you

    1. Total 200 Mods (Please use only the one mod that you like)
      ㆍ General Small Map (GSM), Ordinary Normal Map (ONM), Special Big Map (SBM)
      ㆍ Center Bottom, Center Top, Right Edge, Right Top
      ㆍ 1 Line Text Bottom (1LTB), 1 Line Text Top (1LTT)
      ㆍ 3 Line Text Bottom (3LTB), 3 Line Text Top (3LTT)
      ㆍ No Frame (NF), With Frame (WF)
      ㆍ Map Black Background (MBB), Map Clear Background (MCB)
      ㆍ Text Black Background (TBB), Text Clear Background (TCB)

      1. Sinan Ali

        Route Advisor_KAAC_GSM_Center Top_1LTT_NF_MCB_TCB_v4.7

        I like this one. but i think there is a problem with this.
        F6 (trailer info) and F7 (damage level) appeares in the bottum of the screen while map and info line appears on top center. i want all to be appeared on top including F6 and F7. please can you help me? thank you in advance.

  2. Excellent Mod. I was waiting for this update. I use only this one. Thanks to Hemil & Wik412.

  3. All the mods i’ve tried have Rear view mirrors on the wrong side, like they are mirrored… Sorry about that bad pun, but does this happen for anyone else?

  4. Wow,
    Just noticed the dates, this is why you don’t go online when you’ve had a few.

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