Route Advisor Mod Collection v1.0 [ETS2 v1.11.x ∼]


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Route Advisor Mod Collection v1.0 [ETS2 v1.11.x ∼] : 2014-07-30

Usage : single monitor, dual monitor, tripple monitor


Ⅰ. Compatible [ETS2 v1.11.x ∼]
Ⅱ. F1 tutorial deletion, Optimization
Ⅲ. Added [Center Bottom, Center Top, Left Bottom, Left Top, Right Bottom, Right Top Option]
Ⅳ. Added [Special Big Map TB(Text bottom), Special Big Map TT(Text Top) Option]
Ⅴ. Added [No Frame(NF), With Frame(WF) Option]
Ⅵ. Added [Map Black Background(MBB), Map Clear Background(MCB) Option]
Ⅶ. Added [Text Black Background(TBB), Text Clear Background(TCB) Option]
Ⅷ. MBB(half transparency), TBB(half transparency), Running line message position movement
Ⅸ. Added [First F3 key(With Map), Second F3 key(No Map) Function]
Ⅹ. Total 64 Mods

※ F2 Mirror Mod Deletion
Delete hud_left.sii and hud_right.sii in ui Folder



01. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
02. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
03. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
04. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
05. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
06. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
07. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
08. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Bottom_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

09. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
10. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
11. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
12. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
13. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
14. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
15. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
16. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Center Top_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

17. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
18. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
19. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
20. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
21. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
22. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
23. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
24. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Bottom_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

25. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
26. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
27. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
28. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
29. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
30. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
31. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
32. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Left Top_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

33. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
34. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
35. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
36. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
37. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
38. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
39. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
40. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Bottom_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

41. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
42. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
43. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
44. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
45. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
46. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
47. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
48. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Right Top_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

49. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
50. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
51. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
52. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
53. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
54. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
55. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
56. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TB_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

57. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_NF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
58. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_NF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
59. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_NF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
60. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_NF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs
61. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_WF_MBB_TBB_v1.0.scs
62. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_WF_MBB_TCB_v1.0.scs
63. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_WF_MCB_TBB_v1.0.scs
64. zzzzzzzzzz_Route Advisor_Special Big Map TT_WF_MCB_TCB_v1.0.scs

10 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection v1.0 [ETS2 v1.11.x ∼]

  1. Tribaltech

    interesting stuff xD, thankz

  2. ※ F2 Mirror Mod Deletion
    Delete hud_left.sii and hud_right.sii in ui Folder
    where and how di i do that???

  3. thank you very much i will ask you to do this :)before

  4. I like the mod, i only miss the old position when mirror was in top corners without frame like you had in version 5 which for me was/is the best version

    Hopefully you can bring it back like it was
    That version i like very much but cause of 1.11.1 release cant see the speed limit.

    And maybe dumb question where is the UI folder?

    Thx for your hard good work 😉

  5. That music is making me feel all fuzzy inside, do you have enough zzzzzzz?

  6. Александр

    здравствуйте.большая просьба для V1.8.2.5 только Отображение текущей дороги, ограничение скорости в Route Advisor,в нижнем правом углу.за ранее спасибо.

  7. zombie evo

    Thank you^^

  8. Very good mod. I use it since the last version of it. Thanks for the update 😉

  9. Thank you for your hard work however :
    Why is this becoming so complicated ?
    Why did you implement mirrors ?
    Where is the UI folder ???? I cant find the path and it conflict with mirror mode I already use and I’m happy about
    I reverted back to your Route Advisor 4.1 on ETS2 v1.11 and lucky for me it is working and doesn’t interfere with mirror mode that I use .

    Can you please explain where to find that #### UI FOLDER ??????????

    And please keep it simple in mine humble opinion all this modes for RA ..too much and unnecessary , keep the basics !

  10. Shame, doesn’t work properly with 1.12.1s. Will this be updated?

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