Rudis Addon Skins for Kast Ekeri Tandems 1.0

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I did 50 addon skins for Kast Ekeri Tandems, all versions.

You need following mods, without them my skins will not work!!
1) Ekeri main trailer mod:
2) Ekeri Tandem trailer addon:

Loading order:
Place my skins above the mainmod(s)/addons in the Modmanager!!
It must looks like this in the modmanager:

My addon skins
Tandem mods/addons

For more infos watch my video, or visit at SCS forum my thread:

Tandems: Kast – Skins: Rudi


One thought on “Rudis Addon Skins for Kast Ekeri Tandems 1.0

  1. alexander

    Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON by Cabinet-this trailer pack does not work do you know him at all save game off and it works I’ve done everything nothing works out all the mods I know what problem is with that trailer pack

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