Rudis Addon Skins for Pendragons Ekeri Box at Volvo FH16 1.0

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I did 50 addon skins for Kast Ekeri Box at Pendragons FH16.

The Volvo don´t have Truck skins, only uni colors. But i painted them with the original colors from the companies.
If you want different skins, you must add them yourself.

You need following mods, without them my skins will not work!!
1) Pendragons Volvo FH16:
2) Pendragons Tandem addon:

Loading order:
Place my skins above the mainmod(s)/addons in the Modmanager!!
It must looks like this in the modmanager:

My addon skins
Tandem mods/addons

For more infos watch my video, or visit at SCS forum my thread:

Truck and adding the Box: Pendragon – Ekeri Box: Kast – Skins: Rudi


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