Rudi´s Skin Pack for Kraker Trailer 1.27

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I did 20 skins for the Kraker Trailer. Autor of the Trailer is Kast.
Original thread:
All credits for the Trailer goes to:
Kast, 50keda, Piva, MarcDo, Smarty
And i have to say thanks to ShirBlackspots who gave me some hints to change the files. 🙂

I used Kast files, but reworked them. So my skins will not replace any other skins from him, or anyone else.
You can play my and his mod toghter.
– Added my skins to the AI traffic.
– Cargo, yes there is. Same like from Kast, not changed.
– No errors or warnings. Clean game log.
– Game Version 1.27!!
– Mod Version 1.0

It´s now my second paint job, so it can be still better.

20 skins from real companys in Europe. In order:

4 x Germany: Dewenter, Schockemöhle, Röttgers, Michelin,
1 x Belgium: Interim Cargo
1 x Luxemburg: Braun
4 x Holland: Gesink, Tromp, HFS, Jupiler
1 x France: Fournie
1 x Romania: Elka
1 x Hungaria: Rudolf
2 x Austria: Hofmann, Müller
2 x Denmark: Bryde, Larsen
1 x Finland: Nybrok
1 x Norge: Mavi
1 x Poland: Wichot

Kast Trailer, Rudi Skins


4 thoughts on “Rudi´s Skin Pack for Kraker Trailer 1.27

  1. Jupiler is not Holland, it is famous beer from Belgium!

  2. i had a look to the homepage, and i got a NL adress.
    but its not a Dutch or Belgium anymore, its a American Company now. 😀

    but thanks for the hint, i know what you mean. 😉

  3. Thanks Rudi very nice skinpack
    Oh just a small typo on one trailer : Müller Transporte is located in Wiener Neudorf, not Werner Neudorf.
    For info

  4. lol

    sorry. will fix it next time if i do some more from this trailers.

    thanks. 🙂

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