Rus Map v 1.6.1

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Map of Russia (30 cities) and Belarus (12 cities)

Update 1.6.1:
– New cities: Shlisselburg
– New roads: A120, P21
– Rebuilding cities: St. Petersburg
– Rebuilding roads: M4, M10
– Added new prefabs, models and companies
– Fixed bugs previous version
– Adaptation for OpenGL mode
– Others fix
– Compatibility maps: ProMods 2.0.1, MHAPro map EU 2.3, TSM 6.2. More info please read Readme file.
– Note: To work correctly, the RusMap should be kept below the list of mods.


1. Have the latest version of 7-Zip File Manager ready (do not use Win-RAR for extracting or opening the files)
2. Download all 3 files from the 3 original download links
3. When all downloads are complete, go into your Downloads folder. There will be 3 files with extensions .001, .002, .003
4. Right click on the .001 file, and select “Open with…” and then select 7-Zip File Manager. Click OK
5. Now you will find two .txt files and four .scs files in the archive. You can find a readme.txt file to understand your load order for your map combination (also accessible in the Mod Manager with the info button for the mod).
6. Highlight all the .scs files you require for your map combination in one group, then click “Extract”, and have them extracted to your Downloads folder.
7. Cut and paste those .scs files into your mod folder directory. Delete your older version of RusMap if you have them. Then run ETS2 and enable the files in your Mod Manager with your load order.

Supported versions of the game:

1.22.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”

Author: [email protected]
Author of new models: Gricko.
Used models mario1961.
Grateful for his klipstoeun8839 excellent model for maps.
Special thanks Gricko, for their help in the construction of maps, correcting all the mistakes and shortcomings, as well as for new objects that make the game atmospheric.

Please save the original download link!!! DO NOT REUPLOAD!!!

Author: [email protected]

DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 152 MB Part 3

43 thoughts on “Rus Map v 1.6.1

  1. Very nice map.

  2. BlueMaster

    Wonderful! Thank you very much!

  3. Nice! Thank you

  4. Рядом с Тверью где синяя пометка дороги M10 обнаружил красный мост Texture Not Found

  5. i failed to extract the files 001 even if i use 7-zp
    and its a several times i tried to extract these files bt i end up fail
    please help

    1. Do You have the latest 7-zip version?

    2. why does the game crush when i activate promods?

  6. Hallo,I dont have a Road from Belarus to Poland. And de City Brest isnt on the Map. What can I do???

    1. You need the DLC “Going East”. Do you have?

  7. cristiannarcis79

    I want to build around E105 route from St Petersburg to Murmanks

  8. cristiannarcis79

    I want to build around the M4 route from Voronezh to Kraznodar
    Please please please 🙂 🙂

  9. cristiannarcis79

    I have an opinion and esteem for team building Rusmap map for Ets2 is a fantastic team who makes beautiful things

    many congratulations russmap 🙂

  10. cristiannarcis79

    i want the facebook autor map, please

  11. rusmap 001 i managed to extract bt 002 and 003 i failed

    1. and where indeed do you find info about extracting nothing more but file 001? Do you people even read the instructions…

  12. что за музон в ролике ? заранее спасибо!

  13. Forcesius

    Is the road from Vyborg to Porvoo and Narva to Saint Petersburg not finished i have no connection only in Poland and Belarus Border Brest.


    Good map

  14. Никита

    Скиньте пожалуйста,архивом все фаилы этой карты в форма scs. Просто не как не могу понять установку 🙁

    1. Никита. Просто бери первый файл и разархивируй его, за ним последуют другие автаматически!!!

  15. Forcesius

    i Have no connection to Porvoo and Vyborg the same Narva and Saint Petersburg

    Only Polish-Belarus Border


  16. map is a awesome but please make map zoom

  17. bimbo2704

    Where is the Voronezh? Why did on the map?

  18. Hello.I can`t see all the map when i`m searching for cargoes.I can see only a half when i enter my map…It doesn`t want to scroll to the right.Please help me !

  19. Some very good Map! Again and again.


  21. just use old map-zoom fix from 1.4.9…works like a charm

  22. its work

  23. For players that not have Polish-Belarussian border:
    1. Go to editor.
    2. Don’t do anything.
    3. Save map.
    4. Put map in your mod folder.
    5. Play ETS2
    In my computer it works. I think that i’ll help someone 🙂

  24. Solve of Polish-Belarussian border problem:
    1. Go to editor
    2. Don’t do anything
    3. Save map
    4. Put map in your mod folder
    5. Run ETS2
    (If you don’t know how to open editor check tutorials)
    In my computer it’s working. I think that i’ll help someone:)

  25. does not work Pro Mods 2.01. 2.0 good

  26. Thank You!!

  27. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a delivery run completed with the map & also, with the help of Promods v2.01.

    Picked up cargo in Siedlce (ProMods v2.01)
    Teleported to Voronezh
    Explored some of RusMap
    Delivered cargo in Krakow (ProMods v2.01) 2014km Delivery Run

  28. Всё работает, правельно устанавливайте, насчёт не видно всей карты ищите мод с фиксом.

  29. Hi is it possible to get a list of all the towns in the map.
    Thanks 🙂

  30. Beautiful work, can’t wait to see more!

  31. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a delivery completed with the map…also with the help of Promods v2.01.

    Picked up cargo in Voronezh (ProMods v2.01)
    Teleported to somewhere I shouldn’t be in ProMods
    Explored part of Promods & Rusmap
    Delivered cargo in Moscow 4744km Delivery Run

  32. lord iffy boatrace

    brilliant thank you !!!

  33. pomaranczxd

    fajny mod do ets2

  34. thank you

  35. Не могу зайти в архив пишет, архив повреждён или не имеет неизвестный формат…….. с первым такого не было, а 2 и 3 не разархивкаются((

  36. why does the game crush when i activate Promods?

  37. Дмитрий

    Почему 2 и 3 часть не удается открыть как архив, хотя с первой частью все в порядке

  38. not working with my all 1.24,1.25 tested ets 2 versions

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