RusMap 1.4.7


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Version 1.4.7:
Full compatibility with patch 1.15
Added new objects
Fixed bugs of previous version

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43 thoughts on “RusMap 1.4.7

  1. With TSM 5.3.1 its ok?

    1. It runs perfect.

      My Configuration:
      1.15.1 + TSM 5.3.1 + RomanianMap

      1. Sarkissian

        JoachimK, you have a link to the RomanianMap??

        Thanks in advance.
        My best regards.

      2. What version ROmanian map?
        I have 3.8 and not work.

  2. да я на их соединял с T.S.M 5.3 когда это ещё была 4.6

  3. Trucker Melli

    super karte! funktioniert perfect mit promods 1.8.3 ! vielen dank!

    1. Tribaltech

      confirmed with promods 1.83?

      1. yes, works with promods 1.83

  4. potholes are the best, and should be a little realistic that not all straight.

  5. for me dont work…crash game after 10 min…

  6. is it compatible with promods

  7. MacedonianWarrior

    Pls put it all maps Russian, Romanian itc in one map like TSM !!! So is better :))

  8. MigaraMadawa

    Please Help Me To Convert My Map. (MMG Map)

  9. do I need complete uncompleted deliveri?

  10. Do the new small truck dealers (1.15) work with this map?

  11. yes if new version is added the new small dealer and need fixed other bugs in map example wrong prefab look name and etc. hope new version comes in januar first part

    1. sorri wrońg place i comment

  12. Am I the only one who has the problem where I can only acces to russia via ferry ’cause the roads that connect main map with russia doesn’t appear in my map?

    I’m using + TSM 5.3.1 + RusMap1.4.7 + Romanian map.

    1. Do you have Going East! DLC?

      When I played RusMap it joined to that.

      1. yes i have the going east dlc but russia doen’t connect to my map.

    2. Please link for ROmanian map ?

  13. Good work, but the game keep crashing for several times in S. Petersbourg as the 1st city I visited, with 1.15.1 and the regular map of ets2 (no other maps connected)

  14. i don’t have any jobs going to Russia, 1.15.1 + Promod 1.83 any idea?

  15. Fantastic work! But speed control every 10sec.? Come on man… Have mercy on me, doctor!

  16. Really good job ! Very realistic russian borders, Białoruś and Russia look that same ! Good luck in future 😀

  17. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello, & Happy New Year.
    Here’s a small collection of deliveries done in the map with the help of a couple other maps combined also…..

    Moscow to Jyvaskyla 1476km run
    (With the help of Promod Map v1.83)

    Klin to Yukhnov 517km run

    Moscow to Pskov 1027km run

    Valday to Velikiye.Luki 701km run

    Moscow to Pudentopolis(Brazil) 3360km run
    (With the help of Promod Map v1.83 & EAA Map v1.7)

  18. I have explored the whole Russian part of the map. No problems, no crashes. The map contains a large number of small bugs. Perfect job. 😉

  19. Hi. why the Russian of the road is closed for me?
    What to Do؟
    Thank you

  20. hi
    Russian roads are closed for me why?
    What should I do ?
    Thank you

  21. Hello, I have the same problem that a user posted here. In St petesburg, it keeps crashing. Any fix ? I’m only running this mod.

  22. I have 2 problems: Russia does not cpnnect to the main EU region, and when I visit the town closest to the UE ( cant look at it’s name, game crashes instantly) Bistre or something, the game laggs out and crashes. I use the newest TSM, newest ETS2 and the Military cargo pack. I’m hauling normal cargo when it happens, hard to explain in which part of the town, cant really get pics.

  23. ETA for the 1.16 truckdealer problems? I like your map very much, please fix it. thx.

    1. Me to, fix please

  24. Please update for 1.6!


  25. Bugfinder

    There is bug on the road A116 from Porkhov to Veliky Novgorod. Near Veliky Novgorod right before that monument 2 seconds after road goes to two lines game always crash, tried it for five times, always crash. And it start lagging from village right before Veliky Novgorod.

    Also in Moscow or near Moscow on M9 highway to Volokolamsk there can be crash bug near that big crossroad. And again on A116 near Porkhov to Veliky Novgorod, there can be crash bug in or near Porkhov. Not 100% sure about these two bugs, it could be because of more vehicles on the road.

  26. BUGS , a lot of unblocked roads which goes in nothing….so ###### map !

  27. In Moscow Pulling into the Dealership the game crashes every time.

    Also, I’m a Streamer and The billboard in Moscow of the Women’s Naked breasts is kinda not needed. It’s something I could get banned for because it’s not part of the Original game. I didn’t expect something like that to be in the Mod.

  28. when are you going to add more cities and update your map to 1.16

  29. PLEASE update for 1.16!

    Gibson dude ###?not like breast no play this map.

  30. Gibson, you do not like the female breast ??? Dude, you have a serious problem 😀

  31. OK i found my Bug with Market in Rusmap :

    look both are not compatible while i’m use Promod perfectly.

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