RusMap v 1.3


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New cities:
Russia: Bryansk, Roslavl, Kaluga, Obninsk.
Belarus: Slavgorod Mstislavl.

New roads:
Russia: M3, A240, A141, A101, R132, P108
Belarus: P43, P15, P96

New companies:
Dixie, Mega, Ikea, Auchan, BP-Russia (AutoDistribution Russia), Gazprom, Lukoil, RosStroyInvest, Schmitz.

Fixed bugs of previous version.
Certain other changes.

Game version: 1.11.1 + DLC Going East!
The possibility of combining with the following cards:
Map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v.1.5.1
Promods (not verified)
Poland Rebuilding (not verified)
Note: To work correctly, the card should be kept below RusMap list of mods.

All of the original models used in the map, taken from the card TSM Map with permission mario1961.
Just a huge thanks for his excellent klipstoeun8839 model card.
Ban on distribution not keep the authorship!

[email protected]


44 thoughts on “RusMap v 1.3

  1. MrTrucker449

    whats the link from the Daf mod thx 😀

  2. Juri13378

    Where did you get those DAF mirrors?

  3. DAF sound..please

  4. scania164lfan

    why he does not want to work, even with DLC he does not

  5. game crashed and with all other mods turned off still crash iam using 1.11 and TSM map

    1. Its not the rusmap that’s crashing your game its TSM. The new TSM map for 1.11.1 hasn’t been made yet.


        I had to remove TSM 5.0, it’s that map that’s crashing your game. Definitely going to get this since it will work with MHA map EU 1.5.

    2. LOL did it say it works with TSM? It does not. And then you wonder, without even thinking of turning TSM mod off as well.

  6. TSM Isn’t Compatible With Patch 1.11 Yet

  7. Are the mirrors privat??

  8. RayFiftyOne

    I was waiting for this one, great job. Finaly i can drive again on my MHA and Rusmap.

  9. Thanks guys found that bit out tsm not ready and it also helps if I updated to 1.11 lol still on 1.10 but no longer thanks guys.

  10. me crash game using Map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v.1.5.1

    1. Perhaps this: “Note: To work correctly, the card should be kept below RusMap list of mods.” Or other words, add zzzzz or something in front of european map mod file name. This could be it.

      1. not connected to russian cities after doing that

  11. super mod seul hic le mod no dommage ne fonctionne plus a tu une solution mercie a toi

  12. works fine, found mod conflict and crash game this was Lautus_absoluteHD5.0

  13. keept working and making map complete finish

    1. wow was my comment removed?

  14. Nice mod,I like the architecture and the layout. Do we really need the nudity on the billboard? Maybe might cause problem for a streamer too.

  15. Greetings to creators of RusMap!
    Until now I always used only MHA maps,because they are good and polished(No crashes,errors,etc…)
    I tested your map mod with MHAmap 1.5.1 and its working perfect.I drove a few jobs and like I said before GOOD and GREAT work.No crashes,errors or anything for now.
    So, Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
    Best regards from Slovenia zak4862

    1. Had any issues with the map appearance? Old problem with being unable to look around (I can’t see the map past Brest, except when I drive to Russia).

      1. dannyhaya

        Use the zoom mod from TSM 5.0 it works fine!

  16. ETS 2 v.1.11.1 with Only your map.

    Loading terrain data ….
    00:03:57.124 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/terrain_profile.tsm.sii’, line 4:
    00:03:57.124 : [unit] The unit name ‘terrain.profile71’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘terrain_profile’).
    00:03:57.124 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/terrain_profile.tsm.sii)
    00:03:57.124 : management\core_resource_server.cpp(517): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Data error.

    I just finished the first job.No second job just crash game.

    1. tuhkustuhke

      theres only a small part of russia in the map

  17. truckinrebble

    how do you srink map I cannot see all of Russia..

    1. Greetings!
      If your map zoom doesnt work properly,you have in your map mod another mod with “def-game data” file.Find it and delete it. Then the game will apply “Rusmap game data def file” and map zoom will work properly.

  18. author can next version put map some of eastest cities in russia far East. I wish good work. I know in russia is much town. I like to explore russia

  19. Jean Pierre morin

    WOW!! What a great map works with all my mods plus MHA map EU 1.5. Do people in Russia always park on the side of the road to talk on their cellular phones, LOL, love also the bumpy and damaged roads. THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL MOD. I don’t know the name of the person who build this map but you did a wonderful job thanks again.

  20. dannyhaya

    Russia map works fine with the big Alex map and lots of other mods, to see the map complete i use the zoom-mod from TSM 5.0 and it works perfect!

    Thans for this map!!!

  21. now I got this map installed its brilliant and it is what this game is all about going east so please lets keep going east iam sure there is a lot more that can be and I hope added to this map thanks keep up the good work all the best from the uk

  22. esse mapa é um lixo sempre buga em Bryansk

  23. I would like you to do more cities in Belarus, because it’s a little dull to drive from Brest all the way to Russia without any other cities to see…

  24. THX Great Mini Russia and Belarus Map!my ETS2 pictures and more!

  25. dannyhaya

    Is it the plan to add Minsk in Belarus (the motorway has already access)?

  26. Tribaltech

    compatibility with TSM 5.1?

    1. dannyhaya

      No Tribaltech, i tried it already :-(((

  27. Hello
    good and beautiful cards you have made but there is a big mistake and it’s the dirt you made between Mstsislaw and Slauhared it is impossible to run on you destroy your truck and you put yourself stuck almost time and another thing could you not remove some of the many police officers it is unreal to see so many in small towns or everywhere else good job and hope there will be more from you

  28. Experimental Trucker
  29. This map work perfect with
    ETS2 + Going East + Italy AddOn 1.2 + NEZ map v 1.0

    Great work 🙂


    Works on 1.12 version, I have it with MHA EU 1.5 and Ro map 3.5.

  31. jorgferss

    Works great with Promods 1.7.1 + Poland Rebuilding 1.71a (and Going East of course). Sometimes eats up my rig but still, it’s a mod i can easily recommend.

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