Rus Map v 1.6

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RusMap v1.6
– New cities: Vyborg, Tula, Kursk, Orel, Voronezh
– New roads: М2, М4, Е20, А123, Р39, Р132, А141, А144
– Rebuilding cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Bryansk, Luga
– Added new prefabs, models and companies
– Full compatibility ProMods map: added new roads: Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki, St Petersburg – Tallinn, Riga – Pskov.
– Full compatibility game version 1.22
– Compatibility maps: ProMods 2.0, MHAPro map EU 2.2.1, TSM 6.2. More info please read Readme file.

Please save the original download link!


1. Download the file to unzip archiver 7 zip, unzip click on the first file, then unpack everything. All 3 of the file at the same time must be downloaded and located in the same folder.
– Place all the unzipped files in the folder My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod.
2. Connect all the files in the manager mods.

Please save the original download link!

Author: aldim@tor

DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 200 MB Part 2
DOWNLOAD 151 MB Part 3

106 thoughts on “Rus Map v 1.6

  1. Karina-Moskva

    Спасибо !

  2. Thanks man, happy new year for you,dont drink too much vodka

    1. Sérgio Pinto

      Alex !!! … managed to extract the files? …. Would like to send us? …. I downloaded but not with 7zip or WinRAR to extract’m getting big hug …

      1. You to unpack it instyead of open archive 🙂 That works… when unpack you open the Rusmap 1.6 folder that the unpacking generates for you and the scs files is in there 🙂 Happy trucking 🙂

        1. matt byrne

          Hi Ollie,
          The download link in the begiining of this post leads to 3 mb files and no zip files,I have tried to put these in my mod folder,but they don`t work as I can`t find the .scs file.
          any ideas on what i`m doing wrong.

      2. You just download all 3 files.Then double click on file nr.1.Extract all files in mod folder and thats all.

        1. Zip damaged. Please upload zip file again.

  3. Thanks! This map with Promods is realy nice .

  4. RagnarModding

    At first thx for the map….
    Second is it compatible with vanilla map?

    1. Custom map and ProMods

  5. Can Someone help me with unpacking the files?


  6. This files are not detecting 7z..i can’t open them

    1. Make a new file on your desktop. Put all 3 downloaded files into the new folder (just move them there. nothing else). Open 7z and browse location to desktop, where you will see the new folder. Browse into folder and you will now see all three files. Select all 3 files as a group. You cn do this by clicking on the top one and then hold down the shift button and click the bottom file. This will select all 3. Now tell it to extract to your ETS2 mods folder found in “my documents/eurotruck simulator 2/mod. That will do it! Hope it helps you.

  7. Nelson Burotto

    the files are corrupt i cant download your map please fix it i love your work

  8. Artur_Ruskij

    I can´t unpack the Files :/ pls help

  9. this is not a rar. or zip. file, how can I open it?

  10. Sérgio Pinto

    I downloaded, but I can not extract the files, …. even with 7Zip or WinRAR, …. has no way to post the aqrivos already ready?

  11. Объясните скачал 3 файла, что с ними делать?

  12. receiving error when trying to extract parts 2 and 3.

  13. Archive is corrupt. I downloaded it 3 times, always the same error message… Fix the download pls

    1. just open the .001 file with 7zip, select the 4 .scs files inside and drag them to the mod folder

      1. pireas2014

        how do you do that.. 7z and winrar says its 001 file is corrupt… how do you open that?

      2. When I open this file I get again this error: Archive is corrupt.

        1. If You can’t open files with winrar then use 7zip, but open all three files together no just first one otherwise You can’t access the files.

      3. what about the .002 and .003 files?

  14. ура я так соскучился по новым версиям карт

  15. need DLC?

  16. Need DLC, or default game 1,22 ?

  17. Pawciu1532

    I would know how to do that in promods have in the Polish siedlce because rusmap overlap those areas

  18. Can someone tell how open and put this to the mod folder?
    I opened file 001 by 7zip and there is nothing…only second rusmap v1.6 file and nothing…something is wrong with this map or comperrion…Why its not normally .scs ? How make this

  19. Thank you very match, and happy new year

  20. The files are already unzipped and when put in mod folder they don’t show up

  21. Thank’s ! At last we have proper connections with ProMods map . From Russia to Europe , without ###### ships .

  22. TodoMundoLocko

    Thank you!

  23. Hi, I copy 7zip do ets / mods…..In game I active this folder and when I open map, I dont see Russia…
    where its problem ? thanks

  24. When I open this file I get again this error: Archive is corrupt.

  25. breizhdave

    Hello I miss the city of Brest rus map with the map 2.2.1 mha?

    someone has an idea ??

  26. add this Rus map to normal form…this zip/unzip etc….dont work

  27. Do I have to start a new profile ?, because I have the rusmap 1.5.2

    1. I think that you haven’t to start a new profile, because I used the Rusmap 1.4.9. When I checked the Rusmap 1.5.2, I didn’t start a new profile. But by doubts, you have to make a backup of your original profile.

  28. Thanks

  29. aldim@tor, you are one of the best modders that i have ever met. This map is great!!!!! Keep with your great work!!!

    PD: I have a question: Are you going to complete the North Belarus in the future? Please answer. I will be waiting

  30. dont work!!!
    loading screen and my game crash…I have active only promods with rus map, other mods are off…
    Fix map

  31. Billyy_IV

    Make sure you download all three parts of the download and once all downloaded and appearing in your documents then use 7zip to open the file ”001” and you should see 4 scs files and then copy the files out of there and put in your euro truck mod folder, Of course then active once you run Euro Truck Simulator in the mod manager, I hope this helped.

  32. Corrupted archive!
    Download tree times
    Have 3 files RusMap_v1.6.001–RusMap_v1.6.002–RusMap_v1.6.003
    with NO extension.
    Windows don’t recognize them
    I try to open with Winrar and….corrupted archive!

    Repack please,obviously i’m not alone….

  33. Ok, I have some Problems:
    – No Connection to TSM 6.2
    – Garage in Babruysk still not accessible for Express Voyage. I own it, but its still in white since 1.51

    A Screen here:

  34. Hi I have a problem can not open files even with 7zip

  35. Guys… dont try to open the archive with 7zip or winrar.. put the 3 rar files in a empty folder. mark all 3 and unpack them. the unpacking automatic generates a folder with the name Rusmap 1.6. when it have finished unpacking open the folder generated and the scs files needed is in there 🙂

  36. You have to select all files 7zip and then it goes

    1. Mickamikaze_

      How did you managed to make it work? please share the way you did it, i’ve tryed everything but nothing seems to work.


  37. зачем тут ссылка юпитера-бабы?

  38. The map works perfect with TSM 6.2 !!!

    Thx for sharing , you did a great job !!!


    1. Mickamikaze_

      How did you managed to make it work? please share the way you did it, i’ve tryed everything but nothing seems to work.


  39. Turgut Buz

    Win7 error

    1. Turgut Buz

      Zip7 error

  40. Mickamikaze_

    Same here, corrupt file .001 when I try to open it with 7zip or winrar. Tryed to compile them as .rar file and put it in the ets mod file, ets 2 recongnize the file, but no rusmap loaded.

    can we just have a .scs file as usual? your work is really good men, an reading all those comse seems like you have a lot of fans out there, so please don’t mess it up with corrupted files or anything else.


  41. Drive Safely

    Absolutely love the screenshots used in this post. Beautiful Russian atmosphere! 🙂

    Here is a tutorial for installing RusMap 1.6:

    1. Have the latest version of 7-Zip File Manager ready (do not use Win-RAR for extracting or opening the files)
    2. Download all 3 files from the 3 original download links
    3. When all downloads are complete, go into your Downloads folder. There will be 3 files with extensions .001, .002, .003
    4. Right click on the .001 file, and select “Open with…” and then select 7-Zip File Manager. Click OK.
    5. Now you will find two .txt files and four .scs files in the archive. You can find a readme.txt file to understand your load order for your map combination (also accessible in the Mod Manager with the info button for the mod).
    6. Highlight all the .scs files you require for your map combination in one group, then click “Extract”, and have them extracted to your Downloads folder.
    7. Cut and paste those .scs files into your mod folder directory. Delete your older version of RusMap if you have them. Then run ETS2 and enable the files in your Mod Manager with your load order.

    1. Mickamikaze_

      Thanks men, this works perfectly. many thanks to you for this tutorial.

  42. Spassibo!

  43. Marcel1801

    -> DOWNLAD ALL 3 FILES (.001,.002,.003)

  44. Thanks for Tut.
    I have still one Problem since 1.51:

    – Garage in Babruysk still not accessible for Express Voyage and for Freight. I own it, but its still in “white” on the Map of my Garages since 1.51


  45. Screw messing around just download it here its all in scs and already extracted just drop to your mod folder no hassle

  46. The game is crash !

  47. cabbage game !!!

  48. Nelson Burotto

    guys just use this link use only one lik to download the map about 600 mb just extratc the rar file whith winrar to your download folder or direct to your mod folder the put the 3 files at the buttom of your mod manager.
    thats function for me very easy way
    thanks to amokk75 and the map modder of course

  49. Russian beast

    Для русских с чувством:
    Черт, опять эти колдобины и кочки! Из-за них карта неиграбельна. Чуваки?, неужели так трудно понять, что ETS2 – это не Спинтайрс? Почему вы такие упрямые?

    ####! Again many roads are brutal with hills and potholes! Because of this your map is unplayable. Guys, you’re so obstinate and don’t want to wise up to the fact: the ETS 2 is not a Spintires! Why?

    1. Удали карту и забудь о ней !!! И не будет у тебя никаких кочек.

    2. Have you seen the roads in Russia?? Most likely you are from RUssia because of your name. Statistics from alot of websites says the conditions on russian roads are among the worst in europe.. The terrain isnt as bad as in Norway for example,But the conditions on roadpavement is among the worst. Maybe thats why he have made it like that?? Remember that transport is going all over the world. on bad roads like nice roads… He have tried to make it as close to reality as possible,wich he have managed 🙂

      1. Russian beast

        For sure I have seen the roads in Russia cuz I live & drive in Russia (Mocsow). And I must say that “russian roads are among the worst in europe…” is currently as good as a myth. Things are soaraway changing in Russia, but mythos are very stable. Perhaps somewhere in Siberia…

  50. Fantastic map as always! Love the challenges this map comes with 🙂

    Only problem is if you connect it with Promods 2.00. If i put Rusmap and Promods-Rusmap roadconnection as highest priority the worldmap is totally screwed up.. the roads and cities gets pushed further north than the actual map,so for example Kristiansand in Norway that is the most southern city in Norway gets placed around Oslo. Oslo gets pushed into the middle part of Sweden near the Norway-Sweden boarder. If i take Promods 2.00 as highest priority the city Brest in Belarus dissapear and the the roadconnection between Poland and Belarus is gone 🙁

  51. j ai pris le bateau sur la promods ca a crash avec la rus map

    1. NEW_WeatherMod_byPiva_1_22.scs crash game
      promod 2.0 + rusmap 1.6 is ok

  52. Sharemods sure does have some annoying pop-ups, though. Thanks for the mod. Very well done.

  53. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a delivery run completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Voronezh(RusMap)
    Delivered cargo in Maribor(ProMods) 2654km Delivery Run

  54. Thanks for this new version of your great map mod aldim@tor and the best wishes for the New Year 🙂

  55. I did everything as written but the game crash when I upload it

  56. Works with EAA?

  57. Rus Map has been one of my must-have mods. This update is brilliant as usual. Thanks again for the great work.

  58. Хорошая работа, спасибо, и это Промет Приключения игры.

  59. Crashes !! Need DLC Scandinavia !! Without it not working

  60. Promods + MsHeavyAlex + Rus Map = BEST ETS 2 ROAD EXPERIENCE!!!

    Tons of thanks, aldim@tor!!

    Keep the nice work!

  61. Parker Jr.

    I started a new profile (for testing purpose) JUST LOADING this mod, and I getting this error on the gamelog.txt:
    Map link conflict for 0x5563DC0B2E00271, two items are probably using the same prefab

    Apparently, I can play ok: saving, loading saves and no crashes, but still that annoyance message there in the gamelog….

  62. hello, part 1 is corrupted file. :/

    1. foggyburt

      Part 1 is corrupt.
      get it sorted out…this is unacceptable for a mod this size

  63. 00:04:21.831 : Map link conflict for 0x550A0D358A0000C, two items are probably using the same prefab
    00:04:21.886 : Map link conflict for 0x550A17AB6100004, two items are probably using the same prefab
    00:04:26.118 : Map link conflict for 0x5563DC0B2E00271, two items are probably using the same prefab

  64. kostas7214

    who can help me, because throughout Russia Cease after a bit promods

  65. Hello
    I found a problem with this map, it is imposible to deliver a heavy cargo from Valday to Sano company. On that road, it is imposible to drive. Please fix this issue.

  66. wow it works followed all your steps nd it worked thankx for the update always loved your work nice one

  67. kostas7214

    who knows tell me if rusmap with promods works well …….. why ME in Russia stops

  68. Hello! Why rusmap don’t connect with promods map?
    What’s wrong?

  69. ilyas alonso

    guys make sure that the3 files calsify like this

    if i help you please subscribe into

  70. Download all 3 files. Highlight all 3 files and with 7 zip, click extract here.

  71. Does not work for example. Russia, Estonia and Finland game crashes.
    Map link conflict for 0x550A0D358A0000C, two items are probably using the same prefab
    Map link conflict for 0x550A17AB6100004, two items are probably using the same prefab
    Map link conflict for 0x5563DC0B2E00271, two items are probably using the same prefab

  72. I have problem.Archiwum rar was damaged.
    what should I do?

  73. Now works. Downloaded rusmap-opengl-v1-1. The correct order.
    Rusmap Map
    Rusmap Model
    Promods def
    Promods Map
    Promods Media
    Promods Model 2
    Promods Model 1
    Promods Assets
    Rusmap DEF

  74. At the top
    Promods Rusmap Connection

  75. TSMap 6.2 not work

  76. Where i can find ProMods+RusMap Connection? I downloaded both promods and rusmap and i can’t find it

  77. RootlessAgrarian

    On the Mac, make sure you have the Unarchiver and an 7z unzipper.

    Move the three DL files into their own folder.

    Select ALL THREE DL FILES at the same time (all highlighted). Then dbl-click on any of the three. This launches the unpacker on all three files at once.

    Then sit back and watch the show. You may get a popup dialogue box asking you to allow the unarchiver to write into a directory. Allow this. You should end up with a bunch of scs files of varying size, a Russian ReadMe and an English ReadMe. The ReadMe is important, it tells you the correct install order in Mod Manager.

  78. Kappa1234

    Can this map drive whit a TSM?

  79. Where I can find this:

    ProMods 2+RusMap 1.6 Connection

    It´s a long Time, I search, but cannot find.
    Please help me.

  80. Can rusmap 1-6 be opened with win rar, i can’t seem to get it working .

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