RUSMAP V1.8 1.30.X [official]

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Map of Russia (43 cities) and Belarus (12 cities)

Map version: 1.8:
– New cities: Lodeynoye pole, Petrozavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk, Kem, Zelenoborskiy.
– New roads: R-21, A-119, 86К-3.
– Partially modified in the following city: Shlisselburg
– Added new prefabs, models and firms.
– Fixed bugs previous version.
– Some of the other changes.

1. Downloaded files unzip archiver 7zip, click extract on the first
file, then unpack everything. All 5 files should be downloaded and
placed in the same folder.
2. Place all the unzipped files in the folder My Documents/Euro Truck
Simulator 2/mod.
3. To connect all files in the mods Manager.

Supported versions of the game:
1.30.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”

Author: [email protected]
Author of new models: Gricko.
Used models mario1961.
Grateful for his klipstoeun8839 excellent model for maps.
Special thanks Gricko, for their help in the construction of maps,
correcting all the mistakes and shortcomings, as well as for new
objects that make the game atmospheric.
Thanks Vladzz-G for the correction of license plates.

Please save the original download link!!! DO NOT REUPLOAD!!!

One file ($1):

Support is here:

[email protected]

DOWNLOAD 200 MB part I
DOWNLOAD 170 MB part V

52 thoughts on “RUSMAP V1.8 1.30.X [official]

  1. wow!! Thanks.. love map mod!

  2. syed riyas

    This map works without Dlc ?? Only the 1.30 works ?

  3. DenisJura

    Hello : Thank you for all you Work : It’s a Fantastic Map
    Best Regards from FRANCE

  4. No Work, Ferry Peterburg

  5. [email protected]: I have just one question:
    I have the DLC Italy installed. Is it compatible with your new version of RusMap?
    By the way, I love all your former versions of RusMap and use it since a long time. Big thanks here for your constant work on it. And in advance I thank you very much for this new version.
    Now I will download it and then – test it.
    Greetings from Germany……..

    1. Hast du sie getestet?

      1. Yes, have RusMap v1.8 included and it works fine.
        The new promods 2.25 included, too.
        and the PJ Indo Map v 2.3
        The game runs without any problems.
        But there are some yellow and red warnings in console – which I simply must ignore because I do not know which of the mods have caused those red and yellow entries in console.
        If anyone asks for load order I can tell you here.
        Have fun……..

    2. Russia doesn’t border Italy.

      1. We all know the geometric facts.
        The reason I asked for compatibility was that simple one:
        With DLC Italy there came many new textures into the game. And exactly that can cause problems with other maps, for instance can the new textures ‘overwrite’ the existing textures.
        You see?

  6. @dr_jaymz

    hi! compatible with promods 2.25?

    1. yessssss

  7. I’m sorry! This card does not work with the original card.

  8. Rubber Duck 64

    It´s a fake! This is not [email protected], this is aldimator. He´s a ####### who stole mods or post fakes!

    1. What ###### accusation tell you here?
      Go here:
      and tell me what you see, can you?
      aldimator or [email protected] is just the same guy.
      But you can prove me wrong, if you can.

    2. Rubber Swan 64

      It’s real. Look on the promods forum.

      1. So it is??? Really???
        YOUR so weak complains are ‘good enough’ to show reality, truth??? With NO any evidence? And that’s called ‘creating reality’ I ask YOU???
        You really ‘believe’ this?
        Guy, I tell you that you live in an artificially created ‘bubble’ – full of LIES and DISHONESTY. But You believe it – so you appear as a – sorry to say – brainwashed and absolutely ###### sheep.
        YOU call me for any EVIDENCE? YOU?
        It was YOU who told lies – without any evidence.
        To my person: I CAN and WILL show you evidence!
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        But YOU – as a poor soul – can prove absolutely nothing.
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        But stay tuned, as I told you.
        I WILL show YOU the truth – here regarding ‘aldimator’ and or ‘[email protected]’.

        And this will happen very soon – for sure ONLY inside this website.
        So before that I ask you: HOW can you be sure to tell such lies here – to note that millions of people can see your so poor written lines?
        Just stay tuned – a bit……..
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        Think about the END, you ‘zero-number’
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        And that’s your real position here on Earth.
        Very soon you and all the people here will get the one and right real and true answer regarding that person ‘aldimator’……

  9. It gets halfway on the loading screen and it stops and says there was a problem loading the save

    1. Exactly the same thing happened to me as to you!

  10. wywala mnie z tej mapy po polowie wczytywania czy to jest wersja 1.8 wogole bo sama sprawdzalem i tez nic nie dalo

  11. I’m+crashing+on+this+border+map….+#####

  12. Can somebody tell me the mod order for the following mods because after installing RusMap 1.8, the game doesnt load:

    I have these map mods installed and tell me the load order:
    RusMap 1.8
    ProMods 2.25
    ROS 5.0

  13. Ciao. Quando si carica il gioco , una volta inserite le mod , nella schermata di caricamento , va in CRASH . Io ho rifatto la procedura 2 volte ma va sempre in CRASH. Mi dispiace perché sarebbe stata una mappa molto estesa.

  14. Mapa hula na ets 2 bo gram wlasnie z promods 2.25

  15. So dear people, I’m back now for to answer your points like ‘game stops loading’ or ‘crash’ and therelike.
    1st: We talk about compatibility of several add-on maps here.
    2nd: Therefore I will tell you something about a ‘Load Order’.
    3rd: Do NOT expect that ANY map is compatible with any other one.
    You must learn some basics regarding addon-maps.
    And by the way and in general: Whatever kind of mod you download anywhere, there is no one who gives guarantee that all ‘the chaos’ will work ‘automatically’.
    Think about the ‘priority’ inside the ‘mod manager’.
    Therefore I do speak here about map-mods and their compatibility and / or in-compatibility.
    In my next TWO comments I’ll show you some (working) load orders regarding maps! – Even tested just minutes ago!!!!
    I ‘worked out my own load order’ over all the years with all its ‘game versions’……….but also tried another load order which works likewise my own load order = fine.
    So stay tuned……..

  16. 1st of 2 parts
    To note that exactly today steam has updated the ets2 to version
    However, here follows my own (and well working) load order – including: ProMods 2.25, RusMap 1.8, Paris Rebuild 2.1, RK The Great Steppe (not yet included), PJ Indo map 2.3:

    – Paris Rebuild 2.1

    – ProMod 2.25 + RusMap 1.8 Road Connection

    – RusMap – Map
    – RusMap – Model 2
    – RusMap – Model

    – ProMods – Def (with RusMap checked)
    – ProMods – Map
    – ProMods – Media
    – ProMods – Models Pack 3
    – ProMods – Models Pack 2
    – ProMods – Models Pack 1
    – ProMods – Assets

    – RusMap – Def

    – PJ Indo Map 2.3

    ————- END ———–

  17. 2nd part of 2 parts
    Here I have changed my load order as recommended on the promods web page. And have tested it just minutes ago = successfully!
    But be VERY patient meanwhile in loading window……..
    Because the ‘weight of files to load’:
    Game itself = 2.59 GB
    Promods 2.25 = 6.22 GB –> !!!
    RusMap 1.8 = 2.48 GB –> !!!
    These two maps are more than 3 times bigger than the whole game itself!
    So – patience is needed when in loading screen! Several minutes I speak about – music goes on = loading goes on.
    Here follows the Load order list of the promods website (I have changed my own load order into this load order – works fine):

    – ProMods – Def (with RusMap checked)

    – ProMod 2.25 + RusMap 1.8 Road Connection

    – RusMap – Map
    – RusMap – Models
    – RusMap – Models 2
    – RusMap – Def

    – Paris Rebuild 2.1

    – ProMods – Map
    – ProMods – Models Pack 1
    – ProMods – Models Pack 2
    – ProMods – Models Pack 3
    – ProMods – Media
    – ProMods – Assets

    – The Great Steppe 1.0-Model
    – The Great Steppe 1.02-Map-Fix
    – The Great Steppe 1.0-Def

    –> below Great Steppe I have added:

    – PJ Indo Map 2.3 (and WORKS)

    —— END ————–

    1. cannot find ProMod 2.25 + RusMap 1.8 Road Connection, do you have a link?

  18. @Rubber Swan 64
    To go on to see your lame unability to reply to my real questions, I tell YOU and ALL the other weak souls, who are always strong in telling lies but always weak to be in truth,
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    And I demand all the lousy souls (including your cheap soul) to listen to what I write here – again ONCE and for EVER:

    I have contacted that soul ‘aldimator’ which was pretty hard to do. A day later he replied to me!
    And here I copy in – exclusively on this website – what HE has answered to me regarding his two names ‘aldimator’ or ‘[email protected]’.

    And THIS IS what he truly replied to me (copy in some parts):

    RusMap Developer
    Beiträge: 44
    Registriert: 08 Mai 2014 13:13

    Re: RusMap v1.8 (1.30.x)

    Gesendet: 21 Dez 2017 18:31
    Von: aldimator
    Empfänger: _mywheelsofsteel_
    Заголовок: RusMap v1.8 (1.30.x)

    —> HIS REPLY as follows:

    Hi !!!

    I’ll try to explain, if Google translator will translate correctly.

    My main name is aldimator. This is the name I use for a very long time, it was the account Sharemods, Steam, Paypal, primary email address, and more.

    Name [email protected] was born by accident. When I first published the map on the forum ( already not existing ) I just forgot the password from my account and so I had to create a new account with the same name, only instead of the letter A, I put the @ symbol. I wasn’t even thinking about what my work would be someone interesting, I decided to just try to put the card in the Internet and then forget about it. Thus the name [email protected] was the author of the map Rusmap. Now it’s too late to change something.

    Not so long ago, the network appeared the ####### who is using my name and posting other people’s modifications. He uses the name aldimator, only instead of the second Latin letter “L” it uses the uppercase English letter “i”. Thus, for a not notable person, it seems that it’s my name, but in fact it is not. How to deal with it and what to do I don’t know why I just don’t pay attention to it.
    That’s the story. 🙂

    I hope that the translator will translate everything correctly. 😆

    End of message.

    (To add that I wrote a very hearty and friendly message to him, confirming our hearts grounded and lovely connection)
    Adding my so big thanks to him for his endless and true work to improve and adapt his so precious map to the newest game version of ets2.

    And all that is TRUTH as you can see it here by copied in the so much awaited lines from HIM – the ‘aldimator’.

    Sure I do know now his REAL name and his REAL mail address.
    But there is no reason so far to need to contact him again.
    I already have sent all my best wishes to him, to wish him a so Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, knowing that Russian people do celebrate the ‘New Year’ at the 7th of january of 2018.

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  19. @Rubber Swan 64
    Einfach übersetzt heisst es eine billige ‘Gummi Ente’ die mit Dir im trüben Badewasser schwimmt, Du #####.

  20. So I’m back again to read all your expected ‘replies’ –
    but oh wonder ——— Not even a single one of the lame souls was strong enough to reply…….
    However, I do not mind your reaction, was it silence or was it any discrediting me or aldimator.
    In general: You CAN NOT weaken me cuz you are to weak.
    But I really want from my heart that you listen to my words here, to make the long story short:

    So short before the Christmas days we should once stop with all ###### accusations, lies telling and other bad actions, just to stop – for to breathe, to think about the events of real importance.

    I brought not only help and support to you – here about the issue of ‘maps in ets2’, I even brought truth to you – regarding that honourable guy with name Dimitry (as we write and call this name in German), who not only developed the so big and wonderful “RusMap”, but constantly works on it to improve it, including adapting it to any new game version = hours and hours of hard work – just for YOU……

    And all of you should be in honor and thankfulness for his so huge work, which will never stop.

    And because Christmas, I only want to note:
    Unimportant what you wrote, I wish ALL of you a so Happy Christmas, to be thankful for everything,, to celebrate these days in sweet silence, peace and even love.
    The world – in chaos. Please help it to make it a better world, where every soul has a chance to live.

    Before finishing, I like so much to copy in here the reply of Dimitry, after I have sent my message full of thanks to him, as follows:

    “Thanks for the kind words.
    If you have any questions or just need help, you can always write to me on the mail.
    I also congratulate you on the upcoming Christmas and wish you and your family good health.

    Kind regards, Dmitry.”

    So the same for me.
    Take care all you people – and –
    thanks for reading – and understanding….

    Wish you truly all the best and Happy Christmas,


  21. italianoGT

    does not work

  22. italianoGT

    works on and but it loads a long time

  23. Estava com o mesmo problema, fui em conteúdo adicional, betas e selecionei “nenhum-sair de todos os programas betas” carregou normal

  24. this+mod = not work ! = work !!

  25. you need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack…

  26. Rafikauke

    It crashes near to Mahyliow when I want to go to Russia. You know how to solve it?

  27. brat working with TSm ?

  28. ###### malware installing on everyone of them download links my anti virus was going crazy………………………..

  29. no work virus!!!!!!!

  30. Daniel Andersen

    You should consider looking at some of the delivery and pickup places, the enterance are many places to small for a large trailer with a construction vehicle on.

  31. mjrmichal

    hi! compatible with promods 2.26?

  32. robert123

    W części 1 plik Model jest uszkodzony.
    Nie pobierałem dalej ale z modami jest tak że jak nie załadujesz wszystkich plików to nie działa.

  33. satria muda

    how can i connect to open rusian map of space?
    i use promzona in this web always crash
    pleace help me

  34. satria muda

    i mind rusian open space

  35. PassatDriver

    Downloaded ProMods and RusMap and installed, put them in a correct loading order made a new profile, again enabled them and it corrupted the save??
    When i installed it to my friend’s laptop it worked perfectly

    GTX 1080Ti
    Intel Core i5 8800K
    16GB RAM
    Windows 10 x64
    Logitech G27 w/shifter and pedals

  36. I havn’t got folder mod in Ets2 folder

    1. create new folder under MyDocuments/EuroTruckSimulator2, place your mod files (the ones written “scs”) and then they will appear in the game

  37. Turn-and-burn

    2 thumbs up. I’d give more…..but I only have 2….:-).
    I’m running just your mod, no others with it. Works great!
    Thanks for DLC’s to keep me Steam free
    Now ATS needs your deeds, a C2C, I”m on bended knee..
    Get us out of the desert and see some trees….please?

  38. Supported with Promods 2.26 in, but I have the DLC Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France and Italia.

  39. files are damaged… fix it pls

  40. Hi, is there any problem with new 2.32 pro mod ? It crash right after loading start

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