Russian City Names v 1.6 (Vanilla+Promods+RusMap+TSM+MHE+EAA)


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Russian city names for default ETS2 map + Going East + Scandinavia + Promods 2.00 + RusMap 1.6 + Trucksim 6.2 + MHAProEU 2.2.2 + EAA 3.1

Version 1.6
– Added EAA 3.1 translation

Version 1.51
– Fixed badly translated city

Version 1.5
– Added EAA 3.0 translation

* Base game translation
* Going East! translation
* Scandinavia translation
* Promods 2.00 translation
* RusMap 1.6 translation
* Trucksim 6.2 translation
* MHAProEU 2.2.2 translation
* EAA 3.1 translation

Author: Narzew


2 Responses to Russian City Names v 1.6 (Vanilla+Promods+RusMap+TSM+MHE+EAA)

  1. WilliamG says:

    It doesn’t Work, the new cityes come not in my game?

    • Narzew says:

      Do you read README? Mod don’t add any of new cities, it translates existing cities into Russian.
      It contains separate translations for base map and many other maps.

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