Russian On-Air Radiostations By mi6dd v3.0 (18/09/2020)

List of 342 on-air Russian radiostations.
Federal and regional.
Tested on 18/09/2020.

mi6dd ([email protected])

DOWNLOAD 10 KB [mirror]

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5 thoughts on “Russian On-Air Radiostations By mi6dd v3.0 (18/09/2020)

  1. Prosím umí nekdo vytvořit ČeskoSlovenská radia dík

    1. challenge accepted

  2. if you looking for update, you can find it here

  3. Last update (23.06.21) here:
    379 stations tested on 20.06.21

  4. Update here (01.10.21):
    Station count: 402.

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