Russian Open Spaces Map v2.2


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Version 2.2

Adaptation for patch
1.18.1 + DLC Going East!
DLC “Scandinavia”

Map of Russia (53 New City)

Supported version of the game:
1.16.2 + DLC Going East

Some features of the Map:
– On the map there are more than 40 hidden roads of the different road surface and a length of from 5 to 762 km
– 12 military units with their garages
– 13 ferries and 4 airports provide domestic and international shipping
– Three railway station for transportation in Russia
– The remaining features will find themselves

Compatibility with third party mod:
– Can be combined with 90% of existing cards, but it is not specifically tested, so experiment and share your results in this thread.
– Packs trailers from Jazzycat
– Any offline trailers
– Compatibility with other mods have not been tested and has not been tested

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link.



41 Responses to Russian Open Spaces Map v2.2

  1. Santiago says:

    it works with TSM Map??

    • awb says:

      Negative, In the beginning it works but going back to Russia after take a load from Greece the game crashes when you are in Russia.

  2. TheOffy says:

    It works fine, no alteration needed. I have TSM 6.01, RusMap 1.4.9, DLC East and Scandi, plus other mods like Jazzycat traffic etc.

  3. icebeer75 says:

    with Promods 1.95 ?

  4. Luis says:

    outdoor sound inside the cabin is very strong.
    Any solution? Thanks.

  5. james says:

    I have a list of maps that goto gether well as listed top to bottom
    1.EAA map 2.4
    2 MHAPRO map 2.0
    3 SKM Extended map 1.8.0
    4 fix 01 EAA 2.4
    5 Rusmap ver 1.4.9
    6.russian open spaces
    I don’t know about trucks and trailers used with this combination of maps.
    you have to use the dash marks for ferry travel to find matching ports as this is a HUGH Layout of maps to follow.
    Only problem so far can not teleport due to russian language on the map and i use english to teleport. Maybe the author can give us a conversion from russian to english listing.
    If you do not have a fast computer you are going to have to keep traffic requirements to a minumum at night, or the lag will crash the setup.
    Have a good trip

  6. islandflyer says:

    any chance to let it work with ProMods and PolandRebuilded?

  7. vkad says:


  8. klever says:

    model_template.cpp(570): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Mismatch between number of parts in geometry (.pmg) and description (.pmd) files for ‘/model/vehicle/ru/emergence/emergence.pmg’.

    This map don’t works with PolandRebuilded.

    • iconRJ says:

      I had the same problem, but with the following file:

      model_template.cpp(570): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Mismatch between number of parts in geometry (.pmg) and description (.pmd) files for ‘/model/vehicle/ru/maz_petrol/maz_petrol.pmg’.

      I use the map TSM + Rus Map + EAA + Open Spaces

      does anyone know how to fix this ??

  9. klever says:

    Not enough room for the far Russian city on the world map.

  10. WobblyCaptain says:

    Loving this map keep up the good work 🙂

  11. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Either I picked the wrong truck/trailer or, it was somewhat just a frustrating delivery to a point…..

    Picked up cargo in Cairo
    Teleported to….I don’t know
    Delivered cargo in Alexandria 4748km run
    (With the help of TSM v6.0)

  12. Greg says:

    i can’t go to severosniak the game crash any help
    00:03:38.926 : Game init finished. (285 MB)
    00:03:39.004 : [di8] Input buffer overflow for device ‘mouse’ (error code: 0x1).
    00:07:18.914 : system\dumper.cpp(177): [email protected]@@YAXXZ: Pure virtual function call

  13. frachti says:

    Just take a look into the scs forum. Now there´s a patch to get this working with \TSM+RusMap+Russian Open Spaces\ and also \Promods+Poland Rebuilding+Rusmap+Russian Open Spaces\. You just have to look in the support thread of Russian Open Spaces, there are some instructions, a list for the load order and, of course, all patches which are necessary. The road connections will be close to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

    Have fun!

    • bruno eme says:

      Where?? i can’t find anything, and the map just crash in the end of the delivery in TOSHO, any solution?

    • Greg says:

      i cant find any patch in scs forum

  14. SirSteve says:

    this mod is not letting me view the russian part of the map. it’s like the game does not think there is anything there, but there clearly is because i have been there. has any one else had this problem and how do i fix this??

    • james says:

      put some zzzzzzzzz’s in front of the russian files used in the map

  15. geoff1 says:

    i love to see someone do uk as well

  16. DTL Stokes says:

    if i dont have the DLC Scandinavia but i have 1.18 game version i can play with only the Going east DLC?

    It looks great in the video 😀

  17. Vader says:

    Морозов, прекратить этот вздор.
    Эта карта является нереалистичным и очень похоже на карта Гоба. Вам не нужно стать посмешищем! Не делайте эту фикцию! Есть ли у вас атлас? Смотрите, где Мурманск !! Ты хороший человек. Валера доверять вам, а вы создать фантастика!
    Морозов, вы должны сделать реальные карту России! Я знаю, вы можете сделать это!

  18. Nikola says:

    Russian Open Spaces Map v2.2 + TSM 6.0 + Rus Map v1.4. + Brasil Map EAA v2.3.2 works fine (ETS v1.18.1s)

  19. Luis says:

    Greg, I can not go to severosniak. ( Crash )

    • Pireas says:

      It also crashed at the end of delivering to a city called NADHIM if i convert Russian to English correct

  20. Roman Boldin says:

    It crashes any time I try to load a new profile. Pure Map doesn’t work at all. Any solutions?

  21. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    It does seems that you can combine ProMods & Poland Rebuilding with this map & complete a delivery. Will it work for everyone? I do not know. I explained as much as possible in the video description before I ran out of space to type……….

    Thanks to @frachti who left a comment of saying to look in the SCS forum.

    Picked up cargo in Pau
    Teleported to Inta (Translated from Russian)
    Delivered cargo back to Pau 10317km run
    (With the help of RusMap v1.4.9
    Poland Rebuilding v1.96 & ProMods v1.95)

  22. Milka 78 says:

    KEMb port if the ship crashes are you staying in the game.

    KEMb kikötőjében ha hajóra szállsz összeomlik a játék.

  23. Starforce says:

    The map zoom don´t work

  24. SyncMafiaa says:

    Very very #### map doesnt work in 1.18… keeps crashing even if it works there are a lot of bugs. (like: invisible walls and no textures.)

  25. Boki says:

    crashing in V/C 1015 place aeroplane and in Nadim petrol station.

    00:02:23.524 : Create actor: (54 MB)
    00:02:23.579 : Game init finished. (256 MB)
    00:02:23.924 : [ds8] Error creating sound buffer [0x80070057]
    00:02:23.924 : [ds8] Source data format: 2 channels, 16 bits, 48000 Hz [0x80070057]
    00:02:23.924 : [ds8] Buffer size: 3682304 [0x80070057]
    00:02:23.924 : [ds8] 3D sources require mono sound data! [0x80070057]
    00:02:24.217 : [r_effect] Failed to create effect ‘eut.dif_spec.weight.fx’
    00:02:24.228 : [material] Can not create effect ‘eut.dif_spec.weight.fx’ – requested in material ‘/material/terrain/ice/snow_1.mat’.
    00:02:24.245 : [model] Unknown look name ‘snow’ on model ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_road_1.pmd’
    00:02:25.631 : [model] Unknown look name ‘snow’ on model ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_road_1.pmd’
    00:05:20.027 : [model] Unknown look name ‘snow’ on model ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_road_1.pmd’
    00:05:20.155 : [model] Unknown look name ‘snow’ on model ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_road_1.pmd’
    00:05:20.183 : [ds8] Error creating sound buffer [0x80070057]
    00:05:20.183 : [ds8] Source data format: 2 channels, 16 bits, 48000 Hz [0x80070057]
    00:05:20.183 : [ds8] Buffer size: 5312512 [0x80070057]
    00:05:20.183 : [ds8] 3D sources require mono sound data! [0x80070057]
    00:07:59.847 : [model] Unknown look name ‘snow’ on model ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_road_1.pmd’

  26. Andre says:

    Map great, working perfectly with russmap 1.5 + promods 1.95 + poland rebuilding 1.96. The biggest challenge I’m facing is in the road full of snow in russian open spaces. Even with a volvo with 1.000CV engine and chassis 8X4 damn is skating is no more than 70 KM / h hill and down on the way up the poor guy gets to pick first gear, fuel consumption is absurd lucky that my tale with nearly 2,000 liters and has stations to supply every several and several kilometers.

  27. Mr Larrington says:

    I’m having issues with some of the ferries, which crash the game when you try to select a destination. And if there’s a trick to complete a delivery to the Novo Moskovsk Rubbish dump I have yet to find it – the slope is so steep that when your truck stops, which it will, the brakes can’t hold it. I gave up. And the speed achievable on snow gets a bit frustrating.

    Enjoying it, though. And if someone would do something similar to take the bottom of TSM Map into the Sahara I volunteer to test it…

  28. kisscool says:

    limit to 58 km / l on snow with anyone she Trailer

    bug fix

  29. tan says:

    I’m having a problem on boarding the antonov plane it appears to have an invisible wall blocking the entry into the plane’s fuselage can you help me

    • Chandelirious says:

      I had the same problem. I found that if I reversed the truck, and built up a bit of speed, I got into the plane no problem. I’m pleased, because I had driving for a long time to get there, and I didn’t want to have to cancel the job.

      See if it works for you.

  30. Truckbaehr says:

    Super Map!!! + TSM 6.0????????

    thank you


  31. Boki says:

    model_template.cpp(570): [email protected][email protected]@@UEAAXXZ: Mismatch between number of parts in geometry (.pmg) and description (.pmd) files for ‘/prefab/fork/city_x_2lane_highway.pmg’.

  32. hannibaljazz says:

    hello it keep on crashing when i get to but after dover and that stop is find the sec one work but not when get to the last ferry to place call some name i forgot i think go to close to dealer ship there it crashing i am running TSM 6.0 Rus1.5 and Baltic_Countrys

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