Russian Open Spaces v 2.4

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Update 2.4:

– Game version 1.22
– Fixed bugs

1.22 + DLC Going East!
DLC «Scandinavia» – not necessarily

Please save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link! Thanks!



37 thoughts on “Russian Open Spaces v 2.4

  1. quoting: Please save the authorship (whole list)

    Ravings of a rabid squirrel
    If it’s your mod, why is it posted in Lithuanian hosting…???
    You’re a sick Jewish Jew)xDDD LOL

    1. Author maps: Morozov
      The authors of the new models: oq37, kosa 6414, klipstoeun8839
      Author boot screens and some skins: ♕-SlawkA-♕
      Testers: sowa, Olsestar

  2. does i work with 1 .21.4 😀 !!!!

  3. The problem of the map its there is no enough place to sleep

  4. it 😀

  5. How do you get the SUPER mark?

  6. SMH Transport

    I really like the Scania on the last picture it looks like my dads wich is a 164 580 V8 PLEASE can u tell me where i can get the mod 🙂

  7. what means file name ros full.rar?

  8. Link dead, says file not there!!

  9. Is the problem been resolved with the snow ? ?

  10. Shogoon1984

    Works with TSM or ProMods?

  11. in the russia area theres no bridge there to cross over

  12. TodoMundoLocko

    Fixed snow roads speed?

      1. TodoMundoLocko

        tks for reply. Well I have this mod, but doest work in the last version of the map. I will try in this new version.

  13. THE map random crashes on me i am using pro-mods is it compatible ?

    1. foggyburt

      if you are running Promods make sure you run the maps in the right order, of you will crash a lot.

      Promods 2.0
      + map20 fixed (no longer causes crashes / or crash on profile loading)
      ROS 2.4
      + whatever other maps your using.

  14. Can you say me how to convert map to 1.22? I’ve tried everything for my little map mod and still trees are missing. No tree in map and it is so annoying. Thanks

  15. not worck

  16. crashes on 1.21, would use the older version v.2.3 but theses annoying ext. sounds makes someone crazy, please get rid of these unrealistic ext. sound in cockpit, its disgusting and makes mpa unplayabele !

  17. Rar archive crash ( zip)

  18. José Lauro

    What’s the difference between this version and old version ?

  19. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here is a 11993km delivery run completed with the map….

    Picked up cargo in Tobolsk (Russian Open Spaces)
    Drove through some of TSM v6.1.1
    Explored some of the Republic of China Map 0.12
    Drove back thru the United Kingdom
    Back into Russian Spaces & delivered cargo to Severomorsk
    11993km run.

  20. Hi guys!
    This map almost fully compatible with 1.22, but I can’t take online job. Total crash, before the start of the job. The reason (I think) the two military airport near Warsawa and Berlin. Do you think?

  21. on peut pas voir la map sur la carte du monde

  22. TSM + rusmap + Russian Open Spaces v 2.4 1.22 crash

    1. I had a same problem. Go to tsm model03 and delete files in the archive in a map model>vehicle>ru please do a BACKUP before you change anything

  23. connection Rusmap and Open Rusmap ???

  24. MHAPro map EU+Rusmap+ROS v 1.22x CRASH !!!

  25. How do I connect Rus Open Space map road to Rus map?

  26. waiting NEW FIX for connecting Rusmap 1.6 with Russian Open Spaces v 2.4……

  27. cristiannarcis79

    Rusmap 1.6 with Russian Open Spaces v 2.4 ???????????
    I do not understand why in this folder , folder scale is not the same scale map of the game ? ! I watched the game and the Moscow City game is not the same place as where the mother map!!

  28. у меня почему то не наступает темнота, как это объяснить?

  29. Sérgio Pinto

    Have all kinds of changes in the game but this is Open Spaces with a bug when going to YXTA town and other nearby especially when leaving the port and gets closer to the gas station the game crashes ….. could see this problem !!!

  30. mr.europeanguy

    very good map.
    im russian guy bogdanovich vladimir alexander

  31. mr.europeanguy

    Другие ссылки для скачивания не допускаются. Большое спасибо!

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