Russian Open Spaces v 3.0 [1.22] [upd: 28.02.16]

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Map of Russia (62 cities)

Update 3.0:
– Optimizing map
– Modified winter prefabs
– Modified models
– Added new models
– Added new prefabs: police posts, a u-turn on the highway, car with the company, bridges, and repaired bridges
– Added new roads
– Adedd new broken roads
– Modified all trailers and cargo
– New company “warehouses” (difficult parking)
– Added module “russia.mbd” for standalone map
– New universal dealer with the company
– Fixed bugs previous version

– Downloads all files
– Extract arhive
– Cut and paste those .scs files into your mod folder directory

Supported versions of the game:

1.22.x + DLC Going East! + DLC “Scandinavia”


DOWNLOAD 689 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 289 MB Part 3

22 thoughts on “Russian Open Spaces v 3.0 [1.22] [upd: 28.02.16]

  1. with eaa map 3.1 crashes

  2. Do u have to start a new profile?

  3. yes

  4. There is a mod on winter tires? And then in the snow slowly rides a truck

    1. I use chains, like those:
      You have to buy them in a workshop.

  5. thxs for the update . one of the best maps i have . i have all the others, promods, tsm , ussr map, brazil map, eastern expresss,mha heavy alex ,rusmap,eaaa 3.01 etc. this one, ros, one of the best i like.

    1. with eaa map dosen’t work

    2. Anyone know how fix this world map,when zoom in,roads move and don’t fit on map.when zoom back to default map Is fine.using rusmap as well.have all loading in right’s only when zoom in roads move not fitting properly.

  6. When I use this standalone, I can’t see a city to use as starting place.

  7. Truckbaehr

    no with EAA

    1. Newest EEA works with nothing now…
      ROS? No.
      PM? No.
      TSM only…

  8. Hey standalone version! Thanks Morozov!!

  9. as you can see the temperatures on the screen?

    1. José Lauro

      If you have nvidia graphics card installed, run is app evga precision x

  10. Hi José,I have installed Geforce 750 Ti, but do not understand how to make it look temperatures screen.

  11. Horror_LP

    I tried to download a few times the first file. After I opened the file my programm Bandizip said, that this archive was broken. The other files are fine. It’s just this file. Please reupload it. Thanks


  12. Anyone know how fix this problem.when zoom in on world map roads don’t fit on map properly.when zoom default roads fit .using rusmap and have in correct loading order. It’s just when zoom in on world map, roads move the left.

  13. from there to haves 60 fps donload this mod and lose fps an down to 15 34 fps…this mod have very lag

  14. and this mod have graphis counter trike 1.6..and lose verys fps..please fixor delete on hire

  15. why this problem guys??

  16. ok my very first delivery is very hard i cant climb to a stiff road going to the delivery point anyone knows how?? it seems very impossible to climb. and does anyone knows how to connect the rusmap and ros? i downloaded the older road connection for this new updated map but seems to be not working or maybe the priorty?? pls anyone answer

  17. the good thing is. i manage to make it work with tsm,rusmap,pj indomap, south korean adventure map, eaa 3.2. this is by far the largest mod compatibility i have manage to work

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