Russian Open Spaces v5.0

Map of Russia (63 city).

Update 5.0:

– Added new city of KINESHMA.
– Created two new companies “Tug” and “Car”,which was shown in the last
The industrial zone. A broken truck can be towed by any tractor.
– Added to the traffic, the trucks that carry only freight card.
– Created a new company “RUSSIA” and new trailers.
In the showroom you can buy a truck with the company logo.
– Created a new company “Wrecker”.
– Added tractor tow truck on the base of Scania.Spelled out in the showroom Scania and Wagon. The truck can only haul cargo,where it is written for a TOW truck.
– Fixed bugs previous version.

Tested 1.28

No ruupload!
Oroginal topic is here


DOWNLOAD 594 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 295 MB Part 3
DOWNLOAD 202 MB Part 4

24 thoughts on “Russian Open Spaces v5.0

  1. do we need all dlc s

  2. Work With promods ?

    1. yes works well with Promods. Just tried it out. That map is massive.

    2. Hello, Domi,

      works with Promods, BalkanProject, RusMap, SR, TheSteppe and more.

      1. what is the load order and do you have to make new profile i installed it it worked so for then crashed and i only got theses loaded promods, rusmap, southern region, RK map The Steppe

      2. so what is the load order as it crashes and do you have to make a new profile

  3. Hi,+is+this+standalone+map?+Need+some+DLC?+Thanks+for+answer.

  4. HD test video + TSm + Rus map + R.O.C Mod 0.25a

    1. HD test video + TSm + Rus map + R.O.C Mod 0.25a

  5. Work with promods, rusmap, southern region, RK map The Steppe???

  6. Great map

  7. Promod 2.20 n’est plus compatible avec la version 1.30

  8. It work also only with standard deafult map with DLCs? Thanks.

  9. Is there a english names mod for open spaces ?
    can only find one for 3.0 ?

  10. Headhunter

    yay i got a mod to work at last doing my nut in now try another map .

  11. Truckercharly

    1.28 not longer available … only 1.30 or 1.27 … The map is already outdated. 🙁

  12. To get back to 1.28, use the Oculus 1.28. No Oculus required.

  13. is+it+work+at+last+version+of+the+game

    1. No! Sorry!

  14. Had a crash while leaving a military base by air

    1. it seems to crash alot and be very buggy in places

      1. Going to the military bases outside of Russia seems to be impossible as well.

  15. Amazing mod i’m so excited but i have a bug report.
    can’t finished a delivery “broken truck (8 tons)” ( #i dont know russian so i’m not sure its exact name. )
    the white parking marker was never turned green. i tried auto-parking but it doesn’t work.

    thank you for your excellent work. Good job!

  16. I+found+a+long+road+that’s+not+on+the+map.+It+starts+outside+of+one+of+the+military+bases+(near+Arkhangelsk),+and+goes+through+several+terrain+changes+including+grass+and+water.+Finally,+it+ends+at+the+southern+end+of+the+map,+near+a+service+station.

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