Russian Open Spaces v5.0

Map of Russia (63 city).

Update 5.0:

– Added new city of KINESHMA.
– Created two new companies “Tug” and “Car”,which was shown in the last
The industrial zone. A broken truck can be towed by any tractor.
– Added to the traffic, the trucks that carry only freight card.
– Created a new company “RUSSIA” and new trailers.
In the showroom you can buy a truck with the company logo.
– Created a new company “Wrecker”.
– Added tractor tow truck on the base of Scania.Spelled out in the showroom Scania and Wagon. The truck can only haul cargo,where it is written for a TOW truck.
– Fixed bugs previous version.

Tested 1.28

No ruupload!
Oroginal topic is here


DOWNLOAD 594 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 295 MB Part 3
DOWNLOAD 202 MB Part 4

24 Responses to Russian Open Spaces v5.0

  1. james says:

    do we need all dlc s

  2. Domi says:

    Work With promods ?

    • MrPinki says:

      yes works well with Promods. Just tried it out. That map is massive.

    • JoachimK says:

      Hello, Domi,

      works with Promods, BalkanProject, RusMap, SR, TheSteppe and more.

      • karl says:

        what is the load order and do you have to make new profile i installed it it worked so for then crashed and i only got theses loaded promods, rusmap, southern region, RK map The Steppe

      • karl says:

        so what is the load order as it crashes and do you have to make a new profile

  3. David says:


  4. Smoker89 says:

    HD test video + TSm + Rus map + R.O.C Mod 0.25a

  5. Kei says:

    Work with promods, rusmap, southern region, RK map The Steppe???

  6. MrPinki says:

    Great map

  7. thomas16 says:

    Promod 2.20 n’est plus compatible avec la version 1.30

  8. David says:

    It work also only with standard deafult map with DLCs? Thanks.

  9. jin says:

    Is there a english names mod for open spaces ?
    can only find one for 3.0 ?

  10. Headhunter says:

    yay i got a mod to work at last doing my nut in now try another map .

  11. Truckercharly says:

    1.28 not longer available … only 1.30 or 1.27 … The map is already outdated. 🙁

  12. wheels27 says:

    To get back to 1.28, use the Oculus 1.28. No Oculus required.

  13. HANS says:


  14. wheels27 says:

    Had a crash while leaving a military base by air

    • karl says:

      it seems to crash alot and be very buggy in places

      • wheels27 says:

        Going to the military bases outside of Russia seems to be impossible as well.

  15. Kam_41 says:

    Amazing mod i’m so excited but i have a bug report.
    can’t finished a delivery “broken truck (8 tons)” ( #i dont know russian so i’m not sure its exact name. )
    the white parking marker was never turned green. i tried auto-parking but it doesn’t work.

    thank you for your excellent work. Good job!

  16. wheels27 says:


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