Rutas Mortales v1.4


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Hello this is my first map contains 10 cities I hope you like it!

1 download the file
2 extract in documents/Euro Truck simulator 2/mods
3 change the gameplay to deadly routes
4 play!

1 add 1 new cities
2 fix bug v1.3
3 add traffic of bus
4 add exp and economy
5 completely rebuilt map
6 add wheels offroad
7 add fog density heavy
8 work in version 1.22 – test in other versions
9 like, If you want to grow the map 😀
!!!respect the link of autor!!!

Rodrigo Crocco


25 Responses to Rutas Mortales v1.4

  1. usman hamsafar says:

    very thanks for make mountains map.
    please more update mountains maps

  2. rafael says:

    saludos de venezuela

  3. lupin says:

    non funziona fa crash

    • rodrigo18 says:

      funcion en la v1.22 sin dlc east ni scandinavia iniciar juego en mannheim 😉

      • Diego says:

        como agrego el mapa? lo puse en la carpeta MOD luego empeze una nueva partida en manhein luego active el mod. no se q paso hago mal. tengo el dlc de scandinavia y going east

  4. FSXNOOB says:

    Fun map 🙂
    Full map details movie

  5. Rohan Ail says:

    what a piece of #### did I just watch?
    Such a poor output!
    I just wasted 9 mins watching a crappy video..
    At the beginning of the video a car disappears into the rocks 😛
    At the end of the video the traffics sub-merges undder the wooden bridge..
    Why do you even release this kinda crap if you cant work on it beautifully?
    Be realistic or stop playing ets2 :/

  6. Robban97 says:

    where is it on the map

  7. farhan says:

    link dead pliss reupload

  8. me says:

    i cant download this mod please do smtn to dwnld brother

  9. Adam says:

    where is his map on the map in a game where should i find it please help me i just downolad it and i dont want do delate it please HELP!!

  10. david says:


  11. Matthew says:

    Just wondering cause it seems not to work for me…

  12. subinpachhai says:

    it won’t work on v1.21.1. is it only for new version 22.1..if not so what’s the solution?????

  13. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a delivery run completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Nurnberg
    Teleported to Salzburg
    Explored the whole map
    Delivered cargo back in Nurnberg 1140km Delivery Run

  14. CrOkI says:

    Está muy bien el proyecto, tiene muchos bugs pero es normal, hice una entrega, y la siguiente era por la misma ruta, no me daba la opción de viajar por otros lugares del mapa, que tengo que hacer?

  15. Nico says:

    Por favor actualizar el MOD! Tengo la y no funciona, es incompatible.. Es el unico mapa asi que conozco y quiero jugarlo. :c

  16. Felipe says:

    Actualiza el mod Jorge quiero jugar el mod en la 1.23 y no me deja

  17. jonathan says:


  18. jonathan says:

    juego muy bueno

  19. valorousbubbel04 says:

    Ami no me va el mod….

  20. guido789 says:

    funciona en la v


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