Ryanair Skin for DAF XF 105 and Trailer

Ryanair-1 Ryanair-3 Ryanair-2

Ryanair skin for DAF XF 105 and trailer Tradeaux. Do not use mods

Replaces Tradeaux Trailer.

How to download?
1.Download mod
2.Open rar file
3.unpack 3 files scs
4. open my computer/documents/euro truck simulator 2/mod
5. 3 files scs move intro the mod folder
6.(on olders version read 7 on latest to 1.22 6.2 on 1.22 read 6.1)
6.1 select your profile go to manager mods and move all mods to active mods
6.2 select your profile edit tick mods
7. Enjoy the mod

Tested 1.22 and 1.2.5

Author: Virtualny42


2 thoughts on “Ryanair Skin for DAF XF 105 and Trailer

  1. Virtualny42

    Next is Easy jet

  2. I Love your Trailer Mod, unfortunately Jazzy cat downloaded wiped out this mod is there any chance of a stand alone mod please, or is it possible to rename this trailer thus preventing other mods wiping it out.

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