S.Verbeek R500 RJL Skin

-8K resolution
-vector shapes
-attention to detail
-idk what else to say
-does not come with front grill light slots
-made to fit specifically the configuration in the pictures
-painted wheels for abbasstreppas’ wheelpack

Feel free to share it on other websites BUT KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK. Else I’ll come after ya >:)



5 thoughts on “S.Verbeek R500 RJL Skin

  1. Thanks a lot! My favourite truck!!!
    BX-XL-13 <3

  2. Terje Lahaug

    Lightbox included?Nice work

    1. Yes, lightbox works if you have powerkasi’s addons

  3. Jens van lommel

    Awesome skin can you make a skin from pwt thermo or ceusters

    1. lucky for you, I’m working on a ceusters right now

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