S Verbeek Series 5 RJL Skin by sannXx v 0.2.5

S-Verbeek-1 S-Verbeek-2

otal overhaul of MY skin.

– New darker and more realistic skin color
– New sloppy “HOLLAND” sign, will redo it later
– Much more new tweaks

Hope y’all enjoy! 😉
Happy trucking! 😀

Author: sannXx


8 thoughts on “S Verbeek Series 5 RJL Skin by sannXx v 0.2.5

  1. Link for sideskirts, please.

  2. j ai essayer il est formidable bravo il ne manque plus que les remorques et c est magnifique bravo 1++++

  3. Sideskirts are from [powerkasi] Scania Accessories Mod.
    And trailer is not mine, it is made by 看那少年疯了q, you can find it here on ets2.lt

  4. Very nice job!

  5. That climate is the best! how can i find it ???

  6. The climate? I think you mean Waeco. Just search Waeco for Rjl and you can find it 😉

  7. Yes Waeco i mean of course and i have a kind of air cool but at me on the interior i can not see the climate how you can see in your picture! But is ok thank you !! You make a good job !

  8. Great look!

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