Sabot Skin Combo

Sabot is a Southern Africa Company skin mod for Volvo FH 2009 classic, with a corresponding container trailer. It works on all cabins and chassis. Works on all game versions also.

Mod comes with an actual Sabot logo and meet the southern Africa traffic requirements such as the red and yellow chevron at the back of the truck and trailer, white reflectors in front, red at the rear and yellow on the sides so you definitely won’t have problems especially with the Zimbabwean traffic cops.

The skin was made by Lord Pain in partnership with Cloudious Studios Zw. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks to:
Sabot Management Ltd.
Cloudious Studios zw
Lord Pain

If anyone should ever wanna say hi or ask help from the authors of this mod make their own please don’t hesitate to contact Pain.
+263 77 591 2560
[email protected]

Sabot Management Ltd. ; Cloudious Studios Zw ; Lord Pain


3 thoughts on “Sabot Skin Combo

  1. mbongeni mtetwa

    Ths z rly nice Mr Cloudius….you raising our Zimbabwe Flag

  2. thank u man for the mod , could u please do the wilson skin

    1. I did the mod for that company will upload it soon

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