Sachsenland V 2.0 Beta


Tried something to convey to Buy or times in Meissen and Riesa, have not tried. I confess that I Riesa and Mießen the parts anywhere on the map and have copied out at this point have included! Radebeul is built jeodch itself and Chemnitz is just built itself. The so-called “Nischel” I’d love to add (Chemnitzer monument) but I would have to first in “Blender, o. Zmodeler” Building which in turn would equal times 4 times last so long until I have everything ready. who has the “Nischel” So built by chance or will build for me and the entire user, I promise that I Chemnitz pretty much detail exactly nachbaue from the town: D and if someone so dear would be a Füßballstadion or the Chemnitzer recreate football stadium as it is currently (in construction) then please also.



4 Responses to Sachsenland V 2.0 Beta

  1. Beth says:

    Works On v1.20?

  2. texasman says:

    läuft die map mit tsm zusammen? 1.18 ? lg aus leipzig

  3. Robin says:

    Diese Map leuft mit 1.20/ This Map works with 1.20

  4. Theosz says:


    Please, use only the sectors where the map is located. it facilitates the use of other small maps.

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