Santiago de Compostela added V.5 (1.47)

This is the fifth version of my map

Following the axis of the road to Noia I added new areas corresponding to Vidan and La Barcia. There I have created two new companies. One is located in the place occupied by a paper factory now abandoned in Brandía. The other is in the complex of La Barcia. In both I have recreated the environment as accurately as possible.

I have also rebuilt many areas to make it more realistic. This is the case of Rua do Home Santo, Avenida de Lugo, several streets of the industrial park as well as numerous ancient and monumental places. Also, I have added elements that increase realism in the ring road and in the neighborhoods of Vite and Vista Alegre.

In the definitions I have corrected and cleaned up unnecessary elements (thank you Rafaelkai for your help).

No errors or warnings in the game.log. Totally clean.

Well optimized. It works smoothly on even the least powerful computers.

Corrected and adapted for version 1.47. It should work on older versions, but it should also be noted that I have used some models of the new version.



3 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela added V.5 (1.47)

  1. This is the last update of my map for 1.47. As you can see, it is quite different from the post below. Not only in the text or in the photographs, but even in the title. I also include a video showing the changes and parts added in this new version.

  2. Guthrie Forbes

    not for 1.46

  3. I have used several models of version 1.47 (a font and the cross of a pharmacy). For that reason it should be used for that version. Anyway, sooner or later you will have to switch to an updated version.

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