Santiago de Compostela Map v5.0 [1.47]

This is the second version of my city map. Building on past experience, I have added new parts and also rebuilt many areas to make it more detailed and realistic. I have also corrected the bugs of the first version.
No errors in game.log (in one of the models of the companies I use a sound bug has appeared with the new update, but SCS already knows it and it is a matter of time that it solves it)
Works smoothly, even on less powerful computers.
Compatible with any other map mod
Requires Iberia DLC
Adapted for version 1.47



One thought on “Santiago de Compostela Map v5.0 [1.47]

  1. Who published this version of my map? I certainly have not been. This is a very old version that no longer makes sense, from the moment I have continued working, expanding and updating the map. I am about to publish on this page the V.5 version of my map for 1.47.

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