Sardinia Map Add-on v 0.9.1 [1.32]

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This mod adds Sardinia to the default map.

We took the ItalyMap by Renzo428 and Deco13 as base, adapted it for the current version and refreshed the map with new models, vegetation and assets of the Italia DLC.

Published with kind permission of Renzo428 and FLD.

– Cities: Olbia, Oristano, Cagliari
– Towns: Posada, Orotelli
– Roads: SS 131, SS 131 dcn
– UI:17 unique loading screens

Changes in v0.9.1:
– Replaced rest area South of Oristao
– Fixed several bugs

You need the Italy and Scandinavia DLC to play this map!

Mod should be compatible with all other add-on maps. If you want to see the loading screens of Sardinia, place it above other maps!

Visit our SCS Software topic:

DO NOT REUPLOAD! Editing for personal usage is permitted.

If you already have FLD prefabs from the previous version, you don’t have to download them again.

Load order with ProMods (top to bottom):
– Sardinia Map Ferry, Base
– ProMods Legacy Compatibility fix
– ProMods files

Renzo428, Deco13 (base map); gmtavares (adaption, small rebuilds); Topolino (rebuild); FLD (prefabs); EdgeGladiator (sign improvements)


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10 thoughts on “Sardinia Map Add-on v 0.9.1 [1.32]

  1. iTzSplashed

    Protip: Put your 3 files in 1 .rar file instead of putting 3 download links! 😀

    1. I decided to publish it as three different files:
      Base for all users of the map;
      Prefabs for all who haven’t download FLD’s prefabs already from an earlier version or another map;
      and Ferry changes the base map, so there might be compatibility issues with other mods.

  2. What’s different from the version released on the 21st of October? Have you finally fixed the ferry distances and prices?

    1. It’s exactly the same, it just hasn’t been uploaded on this page untill now.
      And what’s wrong with the ferry file in 0.9.1?

      1. I’ve just wrote in the initial post (distances and prices). 🙂

        1. Yes, what’s wrong with the ferry distances and prices?

          And if it might interests you: Civitavecchia port will be added in the next update as a comeback of the ItalyMap. 😉

          1. Wow, this is really interesting news to hear about. Thanks for sharing Topolino. I’m looking forward for the next update.

            As for the problem in this version, I think the prices and distances are not respecting the reality. It doesn’t matter anyway since I’ve fixed it by myself. It was just a general question.

  3. Thanks. Ferry works well from Cagliari to Palerme but from Palerme to Cagliari there is a bug that makes impossible to take the ferry.

    1. Could you tell us exactly what happens?
      What are the last few lines of your game.log after the crash?

  4. SandroSardo

    Domani scarico la Maps… ho visto su YouTube e pare fatto molto bene non vedo loro di giocarci. Ci saranno previste nuovi paesi per la Sardegna , tipo Tortoli, Lanusei in somma la provincia dell’ogliastra (almeno in parte)
    E complimenti per il lavoro !

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