Save editing

Hello today I offer you my save with more than 500 mod trailers and trucks and all the garages and 900 million euros and all the garages attention this save has dlcs for you to see as you go along with your dlcs and the first renault range t beug I try to remove them but I suddenly can’t get a potential update I will try to remove them otherwise everything else works fine please don’t re-upload my save or if you want change something ask me by mail



4 thoughts on “Save editing

  1. why are there identical trucks more than once?

    1. but i really appreciate your mod 🙂

      1. Bricade200

        Hello mate, can you please send me a photos of the save pls?

    2. Bricade200

      Hello,Because it was to make special edit saves but I couldn’t work on them or remove them so try not to take them at risk of seeing your game crash and thank you for the comment

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