Save Game Level 70


Savegame info:
Money: 131.065.256
Garage: 100
Driver: 100
Level: 70

Author: By Juan Martin.


15 thoughts on “Save Game Level 70

  1. BobTruck56

    Garages: 100 / Drivers: 100 ???

    How can you own 100 garages when there are only 69 cities and availables garages to buy. However, 100 drivers but you may hire 115 which give a total of 116 including yourself.

    Anyway, I have always found all those ‘Money cheats, saved games, no speed limit, etc’ totally ridiculous and inappropriate. What’s the interest of playing the game if you start with everything already achieved by someone else and there’s no challenge left to meet. Hope this is not their philosophy in real life because they will end up from teenage to an old man without having accomplished anything in life…

    1. Juan Martin

      I had a big mistake. The saved game has 20 garages 100 trucks and 100 drivers

    2. I agree with you that the game loose sense if you use cheats, but I can imagine using this save for testing purpose? I don´t know if there is another way, but if I find mod I like and I´m not at certain level or not have enough money in my own save, I could test if it works properly through this save..?

      1. Juan Martin

        I don’t use cheats.
        This savegame is the result of hours and hours of Game play.

        1. I didn´t mean YOU use cheats, I meant if others use this savegame, its kind of cheating. Good for testing, not to play it as cereer.

  2. nonsense – and let the kiddies play

  3. Totally agree with you “BobTruck56″… This mod f..k up the game ….

  4. Juan Martin

    I had a huge mistake. The save game has 20 garages, 100 trucks and 100 drivers.
    I apologize for my mistake.

  5. ##### PLEASE!!! I HAVE LEVEL 100

  6. hani la 1oo level yavşak !!

  7. How do you use a Save game Mod? i’ve got one but how do you activate it to use it?, ive put the savegame in the mod folder and applied it in the active mods but nothing seems to be happening. But this is a new game and im currently doing the initial start of the career…

    1. ever tried thinking that a profile needs to be placed in the profile folder?

      1. I’ve now put it in the Profile folder but still doesnt work? Or is there a specific area you need to put it in?

        1. open the rar file and drop the map wit hal lthe letters and numbers in the profile folder

  8. I do not have a clue tbh, its not working, i cant open the rar file so i cbf basicaly ahaha, ill just do it all myself….

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