Save: Kazakhstan Map “The Great Steppe” for v 1.2

This save opens everything on the map and you start working with all open freight traffic and cities.

Level 59 (300-000 XP)
All loans in bank for your decision are open
Your original garage in one of the central cities of Kazakhstan

Welling 09_KZ


4 Responses to Save: Kazakhstan Map “The Great Steppe” for v 1.2

  1. kz_09Slalica says:

    The map can be taken here:

    • Digital X says:

      Don’t click this, it is not safe. Unless your ISP has it detected already.

      • Wujek Bohun says:

        For me works well. This is the link to the map if you see

  2. Luki35 says:

    A zrobi ktoś Save Harta_Romaniei_V_9_25

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