SaveGame 100% Map Explored


105 lvl, ~390 millions € 85 garages
version 1.11.xx

svolo4, Juan Martin


15 thoughts on “SaveGame 100% Map Explored

  1. What mod used for save game ?

    1. The mod is Going East DLC…

  2. can work in version 1.10.1 or not …… !!!!

    1. trucker richy

      It clearly states version 1.11 so how likely do you think it is gonna work on version 1.10 ya fecking #####. Why do you numpties bother asking when the version it works on is clearly stated. F***ing well read brainy

      Trucker Richy

  3. trucker richy

    Again a pointless moron uploading a pointless mod. I would rather get the 100% myself, and not just simply download a save game from someone else. Wish these mods would get deleted from here, and the people who upload them. Bunch of brain dead ###### in my opinion

    Trucker Richy

  4. why? just why?

  5. Håkon Dybdahl Holi

    True words trucker richy 🙂

  6. Is this safe to download?

  7. Sarkissian

    Where’s the fun in this mod??
    I on’t understand, you should explore the map yourself and discover places and cities, not load this savegame, it spoils all the fun!!!

  8. The only reason I’m downloading this is for testing mods. ^^

  9. ok i have 99.99 percent ### now i cant find the last part

  10. The reason some people might download these save games is because most of the truck dealers are discovered, and if you’re skinning like me, it’s useful to have one brand new profile with no mods except the one you’re working on to test the game out with.

  11. Would be great for people like me who just want to drive around with a car mod and don’t wanna play a wrecking truck drivers job for weeks to be able to buy that car. Sadly once activated the WHOLE GAME IS NOW IN RUSSIAN, TARD UPLOADER.

  12. does it runs in v1.30.2.6s

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