SaveGame v1.10.1


King of the Road
Level 45
60 garages
244 Trucks
154 Drivers
207,130,955 euros

Joseph GodwinKE


9 thoughts on “SaveGame v1.10.1

  1. DLC??

    1. yeap

      1. okay

  2. how i but it in ets2 ?
    can you make vid how to instal it in the game?

    1. Listen ,go to my documents,go to euro truck simulator 2,go to profiles,and paste folder in profiles,and this is all,go to game and load save! 🙂

  3. do you need to make a new profile


    I am Legend.Can I put my save game in your site?
    my money is nearly 400000000 euro.Before your site my save game will be in and

    1. ᑕคƿ੮คɿՈᑕ૦૦қ

      Yes please do it, can you only put the Scandinavia and Viva La France in it?

  5. scaniaslol

    I can make a savegame but i don t have the right size picture for it.

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