Savegame without Cheat

Savegame-without-Cheat-1 Savegame-without-Cheat-2

– Level: 1000 (10000000 EXP)
– Money: 999870000
– Trucks: 5 Scania Trucks in London

Author: CT-IQBAL


8 Responses to Savegame without Cheat

  1. BreekArmbandje says:

    Is this seriously done without Cheat Engine?

  2. Jim says:

    How tha hell can you have that level without driving a greater distance than what the picture with personal status shows? Very sketchy..I smell Cheat Engine

  3. Udg says:

    Cheat Engine or Xp mod.10.000.000 xp/822 mile=12.165xp per mile.Realy?no cheats?

  4. BreekArmbandje says:

    The Skills Tab is not even unlocked

  5. TR says:

    No cheat ? ! really !? stop waisting your time & our time B****

  6. damn says:

    This is bullshit man, look at his distance, only 800 , and his rating?, its showing ZERO!!!, Damn you CHEATER.. You used cheat engine right Iqbal? #######

  7. CT-IQBAL says:

    I’m Sorry I’m Use Cheat… No Crash And Error

  8. geildo says:

    this is with cheatengine –> Skils

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