Scandinavia Rebuilding v.0.7


Maximate is back with new map mod: Scandinavia Rebuilding. This mod adds new roads to Scandinavia. Right now this adds three new roads to Denmark, but I gonna expand this mod regularly.

You need DLC Scandinavia if you want to use this mod. Mod works with game version 1.19. No new profile needed.

It’s illegal to upload this mod to other mod sharing services, if you don’t keep the original link! Contact me, if you have questions: [email protected]



15 Responses to Scandinavia Rebuilding v.0.7

  1. SlavikSD says:

    It works with ProMods 1.96 and MHAPro 2.0?

  2. resad says:

    İt work without Scandinavia????

    • Oldnobbi says:

      Are you not able to read the description ?????

      Maximate wrote : ” You need DLC Scandinavia if you want to use this mod. “

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      Mod name-SKANDINAVIA!!!!!! why you dont reda this?????? omg….

  3. Nobbi says:

    Is it working with TSM ??

  4. Sasquatch says:

    I hope you’re going to register your ‘product’ through a publisher then legally identify and define all of your work since the map editor and all imported assets are the property of SCS software and they’ve offered it free for everyone who wants to create and edit their maps. It certainly isn’t illegal to edit and re-upload free content as you have. We don’t have to link your post, pages, or even your name since you can’t legally claim anything related to Euro Truck Simulator.

  5. Maximka.L says:

    Does it work with ProMods 1.96 ?
    …I’m not sure, but I think NO.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Works with tsm and rusmap??

  7. Nobbi says:

    I have just tested it and it is NOT compatible with the TSM Map !!

  8. Maximate says:

    Next version gonna be compatible at least with Rusmap. Maybe TSM map too, if TSM not change the same territory.

  9. texasman says:

    it works on TSM+RUSS 1.18

  10. Nobbi says:

    At 1.19 there are missing streets in northern Italy with TSM+Rus !!

  11. Sebastian says:

    What is changed?

  12. Per says:

    What is this here! ?
    If its a part of Denmark, then going to Denmark, and look around.

    On your maps i see that you make a road from East where your car point are, and then going West over.

    On that road you will find Viborg and Skive, but i can not see then.
    Just before the end of that road, you make one road going North…..

    I hope that you know that is a Island call Mors and you have a bridge over to that Island.

    And if the carpoint are where i think, then it must be Langå, but where is Randers few Km from there in North, even i can see that the road are some Km to high from the real map

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