Scandinavia Rebuilding v.1.2


This mod adds new roads to Scandinavia and now two more cities: Herning and Gävle. You need DLC Scandinavia if you want to use this mod. Mod works with game version 1.21. No new profile needed.

New in version 1.2:
– Fixed some bugs
– Added more E4 road to the Sweden
– Added new city: Gävle to the Sweden
– Mod works with game version 1.21

Works at least with Rusmap and TSM

It’s illegal to upload this mod to other mod sharing services, if you don’t keep the original link! Contact me, if you have questions: [email protected]



19 thoughts on “Scandinavia Rebuilding v.1.2

  1. boa noite, se for possivel deixar compativel com mario map, cortando estrada de esbjerg para odense , e estradas proximo a cidade de arhus . obrigado

    good night, if possible leave compatible with Mario map, cutting esbjerg road to Odense, and roads near the city of arhus. thank you

    1. Piratxxx11

      Mario “map”??? This stoled ####??? ###!!! Play really MAP-ProMods+EU, not ###### “MOD”… kid…:P

      1. Good night, friend each play with map like, I have 13 maps in my profile, and I think you should have a little more education and not call other people ###### s

        1. TodoMundoLocko

          Falar de Mario Map aqui é igual invocar o capeta hahah! Eticamente o lance do Mario é algo ruim. Tanto é que vc nao encontra pra baixar aqui. Melhor nem escrever essa palabra de nv, pq vc vai ser sempre mal respondido. flw

        2. Hey boss can yu tell me… game version is 1,21.xx….but i want all maps like (spain,australia,tsm,rusmap,brasil,turkey,indonesia,hungary,korea etc etc….) in one profile……how solve this problem….bcoz many maps mods include that new game start……but i want this maps with one standard ets2 original map……
          And also one question what is tsm,promods,mhapro map…(what is this? How they work?)…please reply bro.

  2. plzzz make some more citys for denmark :D!!!!!!1

  3. WolfGuy100

    Will that work with Promod?


    Maximate please do Söderhamn also! is my hometown =D

    1. Söderhamn is allready under progress 🙂

  5. TodoMundoLocko

    Works with Promods but have a little bug. Citie’s names of Promods disappear. I think you should see that, cuz a lot people like play with Promods or TSM

    I’m running 1.22 with Promods, Poland Rebuilding, Project Balkans, RusMap, Scandinavia Rebuilding

    > The order
    – Promods + RusMap+ Poland…fix
    – RusMap Map
    – RusMap Model
    – Project Balkans Def
    – Project Balkans Map
    – Project Balkans Assets
    – Promods + RusMap fix
    – Scandinavia Rebuilding*****
    – Poland Rebuilding Def (1)
    – Poland Rebuilding Map (2)
    – Poland Rebuilding Model (3)
    – Promods Assets
    – Promods Model
    – Promods Map
    – Promods Definitions
    – RusMap def

    Keep going! Thank you!

    1. TodoMundoLocko

      oh! crash when search for a job =/
      Probably Promods conflict. Check it Sir. Is very important ur mod be comtabible with the majors mods.

      Thank you.

    2. Thanks for comment! I check what I can do to make my mod compatible with ProMods 🙂

      1. Good Morning,
        I had a Problem with TSM 6.1.1, crashes all when I try to get a Trailer.

        I don´t know, if it can help with ProMods (I have not), but I put this Mod BEFORE TSM and it works now.
        I have one Question. Before DLC North I had in Esbjerg a Port and a Garage. Now it´s gone. You think, there you can do something?
        There are always a Lot of Jobs, but to go to is always a long Way.

        @Ananke- That´s new, that sharemods limit the Downloads…

        Thank you, Maximate, for your Mod and very good work.

  6. Blaziken777Sverige

    Good job! Finally Gävle is in a truck simulator! I can’t wait until Söderhamn is in there too!!!!! :DDDD

    1. Söderhamn is allready under progress 🙂

      1. Blaziken777Sverige

        YUS!!!! :DD

  7. Good job! By the way, can you check why when I want to download the file, it says that “This file reached max downloads limit” I really want to try it out.

    Thanks and keep doing such awesome job 🙂

  8. haha, mountain road on Jæren – norway, that’s the most ridiculous thing ive seen so far, people livining in this aera should know that jæren is all flat as denmark, and it’s along see level as well

  9. how far will you go up in sweden :D?
    I live in lycksele! (north sweden)

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