Scandinavia Rebuilding v 1.3

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This mod adds new roads to Scandinavia and now two more cities: Herning and Gävle. You need DLC Scandinavia if you want to use this mod. Mod works with game version 1.22. No new profile needed.

New in version 1.3:
– Fixed rain inside the tunnel in Norway
– Mod is now converted and works with game version 1.22

— This is just small patch to game version 1.22. Next update includes 3 new cities and lots of roads, so stay tuned! —-

Works at least with Rusmap and TSM

It’s illegal to upload this mod to other mod sharing services, if you don’t keep the original link! Contact me, if you have questions: [email protected]

Author: Maximate


10 Responses to Scandinavia Rebuilding v 1.3

  1. jspence73 says:

    This is a awesome map can’t wait to play it and tell you some of the bugs I come across Keep up the good work mate 🙂

  2. serup says:

    Herning and gavle is already in the game 😀 so what does this update do 😀 !!

  3. ricardo says:

    works with rusmap and tsm. yesssssss.


    rusmap-tsm and south korea adventure??????

  4. Blaziken777Sverige says:

    You said that Söderhamn was going to be in-game this update, but apparently NOPE
    A nevermind there’s Promods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • H says:

      Wow Blaziken777Svergie… he said this was just a small update ;P, Read discription Please 😉

      • Blaziken777Sverige says:

        Oh……. How the f*ck could i not see that?!?! lol Jfc i’m so stupid xD

  5. mamba001 says:

    Failed to find slave table item 0x52E649EBB5001FA on prefab 0x27F201498F60089

  6. Thobias says:

    Just a question, can you add Gotland? I konw it’s a small island, but at least add Visby, a farm outside Visby and a ferry from Nynäshamn. That would be awesome!

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