Scandinavian Expansion V0.5


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First I want to thank you guys for the best feedback from you, makes me happy and motivates me to continue the work ?
!!!VERSION 0.1!!!!
This is my map mod that add new cities in Scandiavia.
You don’t need to create a new profile, just enable all parts in mod manager and have fun ?
This add-on map continues from north of Bergen to northern territories
this are first 3 cities:
– Knarvik
– Hundvin
– Dalsoyra


This mod also open: one road in city Bergen, one more country small road north-east of Bergen (Bergen to Oslo road)

Known bugs: invisible wall at Polaris Lines in Dalsoyra – I don’t know for the moment how to solve it, I tried all methods but didn’t worked, in next update I will solve other bugs.

Please do not reupload my work, took me over 2 weeks to make this add-on.
!!!VERSION 0.2!!!
Added 2 new cities:
– Gavle
– Honefoss
Gavle, located in Sweden and Honefoss in Norway.
Fixed visual bugs
Fixed some invisible walls (the invisible wall from Dalsoyra Port is still there, I forgot about it, I will fix it too)
!!!VERSION 0.3!!!
– Removed Port of Dalsoyra, you can no longer take cargoes from there, because the annoying invisible wall, now the port is just a landmark object.
-Redesigned new roads in Norway, now they have yellow lines on the middle like in real life.
-Added 2 new cities in Sweden: Sandviken(on of the biggest city of the expansion) and Backberg, a small country city. Both cities with lots of details and colors.
More cities will come every update, so take care and see you soon.
!!!VERSION 0.4!!!
-added city Torsby at border of Sweden and Norway;
placed the feature cities that will come later this year;
– moved city Gavle to correct position on the map;
– added map overlay of E4 road;
-name of the map changed to “Scandinavian Expansion”
-every update (1 update/4 weeks) I will build 2 cities;
-fixed many visual bugs;
-changed manifest.sii images;

Have fun and drive safe ?
(you will see in video the map I made)
manifest.sii included

MAP: KiLLeR Modding
If you want to see more photos of him, check his Flickr:

KiLLer Modding , Tz Express


21 thoughts on “Scandinavian Expansion V0.5

  1. TeddyBear

    for 1.23?

    1. KiLLeRModding


      1. I have 2 questions :
        1.Why some routes end at at some point? Are you going to add in future next cities there
        2. Why some cities don’t have their city plan, I mean Ostersund for example
        But btw great mod, keep making next updates!

  2. TSM 6.2 ???

  3. there are no route addon this map to scandinavian, why?

  4. KiLLeR_Modding

    this is what I added in V0.5:
    -city Harnosand, city Umea, city Ornsköldsvik.
    – vehicle now spawn from longer distance
    – you can now see landscapes from longer distance
    – lots of new beautiful landscapes
    check this flickr for more photos:[email protected]/26800656561/in/dateposted/

    1. Nice, thanks …

  5. [SCANDINAVIA] map.scs have autosave and europe.bak > 436 Mb
    [SCANDINAVIA] map.scs without autosave and europe.bak > 89 Mb
    Why ?!?

  6. WolfGuy100

    Will that work with Promod+RusMap?

  7. usman hamsafar

    not work 1.23

    1. KiLLeR_Modding

      it works… adapted to 1.23 😉

  8. for me best map , keep op the good work , next opdate i wood like more road workers

  9. streamline

    when be compatible with promods

  10. NyyxfromMadagascar

    May I create a new profile ?

    1. no you dont need new profile , read tekst first

  11. Dosen’t work in 1.23 just crashes game

    1. i play it in 1.23 no probleem , check your mods maybe

  12. Joku Nakki

    I that working in 1.24 too?

  13. Whats order loading files?

  14. Whats order of loading files?

  15. what order of load files?

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